Friday, October 9, 2009

White Pines Adventure...

After visiting the nuclear plant and accomplishing my one lifelong goal, we decided to go for a hike.

Yes.  This IS a photo of us driving across water.  At White Pines State Park there are two bridges that are submerged that you ust drive over to make it to the parking lot for the lower half of the park.  It's so cool!

Once we were back on dry land and parked, we picked the hardest trail and headed off, crossing several of these:

Apparently the theme of  this park is something about crossing water in unconventional ways.  There's a life lesson here, I'm sure...but it was too pretty of a day to think about that.  The trail meandered into the woods, and we saw what was left of an old cabin:

At a particularly dangerous-looking spot, we decided to do some climbing and take some photos.

See if you can spot the Robb in this photo. 

The sun was brilliant and warm, and the trees whispered as we wandered through the crunchy leaves of our early fall.  A sign that said "Lookout Point" made us get off the main trail.  We made it to a little pavilion that overlooked the river and a grassy clearing twenty feet below.  Apparently what we were to look out for was this, though:

That would be Latin Kings graffiti.  It was everywhere.  Those gang members love their nature!  And apparently so does this person:

Three years ago...I'm certainly glad I wasn't here for that S&M blowjob...eek!  But maybe these people were?

Spud and Mary were also bitten by the "sex in the woods" bug.  Alright then. 

I suppose if you're not getting any, you might adopt the philosophy of this next guy:

"Mary Jane is the only girl that I (Stoners) will ever trust"

I guess he didn't think people would figure it out unless he added that little parenthetical road sign...Thanks for that.

We started heading back, worried that we might become pot-crazed, bondage-loving Latin Kings if we didn't get out of nature soon! 

And he wouldn't be Robb if he didn't take his shoes off and get a little wet.


But do you know what WASN'T adorable?  This:

Damn thing said hello to me and then tried to bite my finger off.  He thought he was reeeeeeeal funny, too...laughing when I called him a little bastard.  I told the woman in the gift shop that I wanted her to let him out so I could wring his little neck.  She apparently didn't appreciate that.  Fine.

And that' friends, is why I love to hike.


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Argent said...

Looks like a fun day. The sunshine there looks so inviting. It's grey and miserable here of late. Is there no place on this round green ball that humans will not scribble on?