Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's My Birthday!

Great for me. I had maintenance here to fix the toilet (not a euphemism), and when they left to go get a piece they didn't have, they locked the deadbolt AND the doorknob lock. He told me he would be "right back". Now, we NEVER lock the doorknob lock. So...the local florist showed up with flowers from my man, and when I went out to sign for them, I let the door shut behind me so the cat wouldn't get out.


I spent the next two hours in the hallway wondering when the hell the maintenance man would be back. Our rental office opens at 11 AM, so I couldn't call until then. I waited for my handyman to show back up...and finally I asked someone who was checking the mail what time it was. 11:20. I knocked on a neighbor's door, and she gave me guff because she was in her pajamas (like I care). She let me use her phone, though.

So...I called, and they wanted to charge me $30 to get back in, even though maintenance was coming back. I told them no. "It's my birthday, and this is ridiculous. I wouldn't be locked out if he hadn't locked me in when he left. I had no idea they even DID that." So they decided they wouldn't charge me THIS TIME.

Small graces. And now my whole morning has been wasted, and I'm way behind plans I'm gonna take some deep breaths (or a glass of wine or something)...and then I'm going to get started on this day and hope it stops sucking.