Saturday, December 24, 2011


Robb and I opened our presents today, since we wouldn't be seeing each other tomorrow. He loved his Nintendo 3DS, which I was way nervous about!


HE GOT US iPHONES!!! No shit. I can't even believe it! I was so ready to NOT get an iPhone for Christmas, and...BAM! There they were. And I am loving it! After a trip to Verizon to get them activated, we were all set.

Unfortunately, I had only an hour or so to lavish some attention on him before we both went to our family Christmas celebrations. And I won't see him again until after Christmas. Gotta save up my love until then!

I should be messaging him every ten minutes to tell him, "Thank you!"

Merry Christmas...and there are STILL a shitload of presents under the tree and tons of family to love on.

Hope you all have as happy a holiday as I am having!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No Smart Phones...

Well, it's looking like there will be no smart phones this Christmas.

But my brother is home, so that makes a merry Christmas no matter what is or isn't under the tree.

Robb's distraught that he won't be able to get me what I want this year, but whatever. I'll live. We don't NEED iPhones. And I'm thankful that we have everything we need--housing, food, clothes, a fat kitty. I'd be lying if I said I didn't WANT an iPhone. But whatever. I've suffered worse disappointments than not getting what I want for Christmas. I'm pretty sure we'll manage.

Now if I can just make it through this work's only 4 days (and only 3 hours on that 4th day), but it seems like FOREVER.

*trudges on*


Friday, December 16, 2011

Smart Phones?

So there's a small chance that we'll actually be upgrading our phones this Christmas! It's mostly out of necessity, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to be in the cool iPhone crowd. Actually, I don't feel uncool with the phone I have now (Motorola NV 2). I couldn't care less about what someone thinks of my phone--it just makes sense to get one, since I have a Mac. Not only that, but it can be an iPod (which I've wanted for YEARS) and a camera (which is broken for me and has been for months). I got my hopes up about it, but I wouldn't be heartbroken or anything if I was stuck with my same phone for a little while. I love my phone and it works perfectly. There isn't anything cosmetically wrong with it--it's not broken up or dented or cracked or anything. But Verizon is sort of forcing us into getting a smart phone by making all the phones like the one we have sucky. The closest ones looks way cheap and awful. And they're half the price of an iPhone makes sense. The only thing is that going to a data plan would almost double our bill. That's what's slowing us way down.

I'm not holding my breath that it'll work out, but still. I'd be lying if I said it didn't trump all my other Christmas wishes.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Miracle!

Hooray! I will have enough money for Christmas this year!

I'm totally going to get Robb a XXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXX and he's going to love it! So now all I need is a few days to go shopping. Maybe I'll do it Saturday.

That's all I've got today between freezing in my room and trying to keep the cat from knocking everything off my desk.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Cheer...

My brother is coming to town! In exactly one week I'll be eagerly awaiting his return from the airport. There's nothing like having the whole family together for the holidays. It makes being completely broke and not being able to buy many presents for people seem not so bad. And in a few hours, I'll be able to see what my Christmas budget will be...

Paychecks go up about two in the afternoon two days before we get them, so we can plan accordingly. This year I have that check (minus a $110 student loan payment), a ten dollar bill, and whatever else I can scrape together to spend on people. It's a meager Christmas, but it's forcing me to get creative.

Why do I smell something baking?

*goes to make sure nothing's on in the kitchen*

Weird. Maybe my nose is psychic. Robb's making chocolate chip cookies tonight for my Christmas potluck, since everyone's sick of cheesecake. It's pretty much all I make. Maybe I'll try something different some day when I'm feeling brave. Maybe not.

Anywho, the tree is up and the cards are going to be in the mail here in a few hours, if I get off my butt today and actually go out. I'm not feeling very motivated to do much of anything, which is nice, since it's my day off. Run on. And on.

I'd better go.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Sleep is Awesome...

I've been having trouble sleeping recently. A few weeks ago it was because I was up all night coughing, but I'm over that. Now Robb is sick, which means he snores. But even THAT isn't really what is keeping me awake. I found myself rolling over occasionally last night to make sure he was still breathing when he stopped. And even THAT isn't totally it.

My brain will not shut up recently! And it's not even like anything is going on in my life that would warrant that kind of thing. Everything is routine. And when I do fall asleep? A few nights ago it was a gorgeously furnished house belonging to a world-saving doctor where a nurse asked me if I wanted to read to a patient and it rocked my consciousness for some reason. I've been thinking about that dream for days. Last night it was an adventure involving chopping down a forest to make room for...something I don't recall, having a customer from the bank as an assistant, and flying a friend home and back from his tennis academy in his private helicopter. Oh, and then crashing a car that couldn't stop or turn before giving up and riding to my old home (which I dream about all the time) on a bike with a piece of hard candy in my mouth.

And it's all so vivid and strange and out of control. Sometimes it's so vivid it wakes me up.

What I would give for a night of solid sleep...


Thursday, December 8, 2011

State of the Union...

So I haven't been around these parts very much. I haven't been putting my thoughts anywhere, really. Not on paper, not on the web, not really out loud. That would imply that there are thoughts to share, but there really aren't. Nothing heavy or interesting. I guess that's the problem right now. I don't feel the least. I just had my ten year class reunion (8 students showed up with various significant others), and aside from saying I just finished writing my sixth unpublished novel and being told I need to take my act on the road since I'm apparently so damn funny, there was nothing to report. I reconnected with a guy I used to be friends with in high school, which was nice.

Last night I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about all the projects I've abandoned recently. I haven't been blogging. I quit playing the new Zelda game because I got frustrated with something. There's a book someone sent me sitting on my desktop waiting to be read and commented on...for almost a year. And all I could do was get out of bed and sit around on the internet for an hour until I was tired again.

I don't have any motivation.

So this is me trying to remedy that. The responsibilities of NaNoWriMo are over, and the holidays are upon us. It's the time of year when people star thinking about how they could change their lives in the new year. And since it's going to be the last year we get (kidding, mostly), I think I'll be finishing things that I've started. That's my resolution.

Keep me on task, folks.