Friday, July 30, 2010

To Do...

Today is a "go" day.  This is a term I borrowed from Mommacakes.

I will be going, doing, and seeing today. 

I have to go try on my tux for the wedding I'm in tomorrow, and I'm WAY nervous it won't be even remotely right in size, since the guy who measured me was, like, 12, and the numbers he got weren't close to what I know I actually am.

I realize that statement is agist.  I hate it when people discriminate based on age.  It happens to me all the time at work, less now than it did when I worked for National City (now PNC).  People ask you a question, and when you answer them, they look at the person next to you who appears to be older (as everyone does next to me), sees them nod, and THEN believes you.  They can't take YOUR word for it.  No, no.  They have to hear it from someone who isn't a dumb young kid.

Anywho.  I'm just hoping I'm not swimming in my tux.

Then?  Wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. 

Oh, and in computer news, I called Apple when I noticed they issued me a refund for my computer yesterday.  They apparently weren't planning on sending a replacement like they'd said they were.  I'm beginning to think they need to hire people who aren't just nice, but who can ALSO DO THEIR DAMN JOB!  I'd much rather talk to someone rude who got things done than someone who is sweet but as dumb as a post. 

So I got my computer ordered, my original 2-3 day shipping refunded (seeing as how it's more than two weeks since I originally ordered my computer and I still don't have it), and a 15% coupon promised to me for my next purchase. 

And I didn't have to firebomb the offices.  Now, if only it gets here on Monday, the 2nd, when he told me it was coming.  If not?  *sigh*  I'm tired of being disappointed by this company.

So there's that. 

I feel like I have something else to do today...but I can't figure out what.  Oh well. 

It's time to go.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Finishing a Series...

I feel like I've lost some close friends.  Like I moved away from one of life's most beautiful places, and I can never go back, except to relive the memories.  And that's sad.

Last night Robb and I finished watching Pushing Daisies.  It could be the most beautiful series that has ever been on television.  The music is fun, the colors are vibrant, and all the characters are quirky and amazing.  Unfortunately, the writers' strike ruined what could have been an amazing thing.  And when TV came back, no one wanted anything to do with Daisies. 

But I did.

I love Ned, Chuck, Olive Snook and Emerson Cod.  Love them!  I want to be best friends with all of them.  I want to visit the Aunts' house, meet Pigby, eat at the Pie Hole.

And now?  I have no more episodes to watch.  There ARE no more episodes to watch.  Two seasons...over.

It's a little depressing.  And it's stupid that I feel a sense of loss.  It's TV, for Digby's sake!  But...I let them into my house for an hour every day, and now I think I'm gonna miss them. 

I've gotta say, though, that the worst part of it is having loose ends that just will never be resolved.  What happened to Chuck's dad?  How do Lily and Vivian react to the big secret?  To each other?  What about Emerson's daughter?

Ugh.  It kills me to have to move on.  Twenty-two episodes.  Sad.

But there's hope.  I just ordered Wonderfalls on Amazon.  Lee Pace (Ned), who is one of my favorite actors after this show, is in this series, written by Bryan Fuller, as well. 

Goodbye, Coeur d'Coeurs.  Maybe we'll meet again in the Pushing Daisies graphic novel, if it's ever released.


Monday, July 26, 2010

What No One Told Me...

I called Apple today. And then my blood pressure spiked. Rage? No one even knows rage compared to this.

Here I sat waiting for my replacement computer to show up. For a fucking week. A WHOLE WEEK!

Do you know why? Because NANCY told me that they'd send me a replacement and I wouldn't have to do anything until it got here. She said that when it came on the 22nd, I could ship the old one back. She guaranteed me it would be here on the 22nd.

She needs to be fired.

NOT ONLY did she not tell me the shipping labels wouldn't be available to print for 24 hours, BUT ALSO she didn't mention that I had to ship the old one back before they'd send a new one.


I should have bought a Dell. At least I'd HAVE that by now.

Two weeks ago. I ordered my damn computer TWO WEEKS ago. And that was with 2-3 day shipping. It took a week to get here. And due to this cute little SNAFU, It's taking the new one more than a week to show up.


Seriously...they're going to be refunding me my $15 shipping fee if I have to march down there myself and take it out of a register. This is ridiculous. Have they offered me anything but misinformation and an apology? No.

They say one bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch, but I'm starting to think that little aphorism isn't accurate.


Friday, July 23, 2010


Yesterday the UPS guy came into the bank, and I got all excited. No computer.

Then the supplies delivery guy came in and I thought he was FedEx. No computer.

Then FedEx actually came in, and I was absolutely giddy! No computer.

What the fuck, Apple? You said Thursday. You're really trying my every last nerve. I'm one afternoon and a glass of wine away from calling you up and chewing some nice customer service agent a new asshole until you sweeten the deal with something to make me happy. First you're late. Then the computer is gimpy. Then you connect me to someone who has a thick accent, which I don't mind terribly unless she's so quiet I can't hear her and she's trying to give me return shipping instructions. Then you're late AGAIN!

I'm seriously about to make some Applesauce.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Fuck You, New Computer...

No, a big one.

I got my brand new MacBook Pro delivered to work today at 9:30. I got off at 3, after what seemed like a ten-thousand-hour day, and I came home to take it out of the box. I turned it on, and immediately I noticed something was wrong.


I'm so mad I could spit.

I called Apple's customer support line, and they said they're sending me shipping labels and a new computer. So, that's nice. But I have tomorrow off, and I was SO looking forward to a new computer.

She said she was emailing them, but I haven't gotten them yet...isn't that supposed to be sort of instantaneous?


I'm so sick of nothing EVER being easy.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Reminder: Glazin down the HPT. And That Baby Don't Look Like Me...ghetto songs from Paul.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Canvassing for Guests...

So, I just bought Dragon Quest 9. I know. It sounds nerdy. It IS nerdy.

Shut up.

There's a hotel in the game that you help start, and there's a feature called "canvass for guests". You just select that option and close your Nintendo DS without shutting it off. It goes into sleep mode, and anyone else you pass withing 30 feet of who is also canvassing for guests will make contact with your game and become a guest in your hotel. They may even share treasure maps with you.

Do you know what this does to me? I want to take my DS everywhere. I want to go into the city and wander the streets, Chinatown, the mall. I want to take the damn thing to work with me just in case some kid comes through the drive who may be canvassing for guests. It's a little obsessive. I took it grocery shopping yesterday. No results.

I'm thinking of looking into groups online that meet to play, to trade, etc.

This thing is going to eat my life. And that's just ONE of the many, many amazing aspects of this game that doesn't even have ANYTHING to do with the story!

I'm pretty much doomed.


Monday, July 12, 2010

And 30 seconds after posting that, my money came in! My computer has been ordered, and now we just play the waiting game.


No, really.

I submitted my computer loan paperwork on Thursday in the hopes that someone would HOP TO and get it started on Friday. Alas, I got a phone call by accident on Friday that alerted me to the fact that they would be putting the paperwork in on Monday.

So I waited all weekend. Looked at the Apple website. Drooled. Dreamt.

Today I go to work and checked my account...
...and checked my account...
...and checked my account...
...and checked my account...
...and checked my account...
...and checked my account...
...and checked my account...
...and checked my account...
...and checked my account...
...and checked my account...
...and checked my account...
...and checked my account...
...and checked my account...
...and checked my account...
...and checked my account...
...and checked my account...
...and checked my account...

You get the picture.

Now I'm home for the day. No computer money. Thankfully, I should see the money by tomorrow at the very latest. Even more thankfully, I have online banking. So, now I get to check my account...
...and check my account...
...and check my account...
...and check my account...


Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Daylights - Rogue Machine. Just a reminder.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Care Bears? Really?

Yes. Really.

I had a dream last night in which we were solving a mystery. Who is we? I don't recall. I think Robb was there. Maybe our friend Erin. I dunno. Anywho, we kept finding all these little plastic Care Bear toys lining the road. We followed the trail, finding baby ones and big ones, some big ones with baby Care Bear fetuses in them, stone cold. Eventually, we ran across this big plowed field with huge incoming storm clouds, and we found a little barn.

Next to the barn was a tiny yellow house that apparently contained a big, fat freak of a man. He came out in overalls and nothing else, and he started trying to tell us to go home because it was about to storm. I looked in his back yard and there were three tiny yellow Care Bears standing in a circle there.

I looked away.

I looked back, and there were a bunch of them, blue and yellow and red, all in a circle.

The man started to explain his plot to dominate the world by controlling the weather through Care Bear power. And then he summoned a huge storm...

I woke up bemused. Confused. But ultimately, I was thinking about what a great idea it would be to harness Care Bear power for weather control!

Umm...yeah...I take no responsibility for what my brain does when I'm asleep...or even half awake.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

New favorite song lyric: We could talk relationships, but there's better things to fill your head with. ~Whole New Way by Scissor Sisters.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I wonder if there are statistics on how many people pass out while gargling...

[B]itchin' / Retreat...

Allow me to bitch.

My shirt was all kinds of uncomfortable today at work. It didn't feel tucked right, and it just kept feeling bigger and bigger and more and more out of place. Add to that the fact that my face is completely sunburnt from this weekend, and, thus, itchy. My nose is seeping pus (TMI, I know) from its pores because it's so badly burnt.

Today seemed to go by quickly, but I made the mistake of commenting on it and jinxing myself. So my last customer of the day walks in and I have to put a hold on her check due to the amount. This takes about fifteen minutes. I wanted to cry and throw things.

Now my attitude is just in the toilet. as is my mood, and I'm going to beat a hasty retreat from everything and everyone and ball up so I don't say or do something stupid. Maybe I'll feel better by the time Robb gets home.

Thanks for allowing me to bitch. Now I'ma go itch.


Monday, July 5, 2010

The Catcher in the Rye...

I just finished reading it for the first time ever.

Why can't all books be written like that? It's witty. In spots, it's downright hilarious. And it means something. I wish I'd have read it in high school. I'm surprised people read it in high school. It's not safe...clean...

It's just...real. Very real. And I would recommend it to anyone.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

All Kinds of Crazy...

Robb and I were in Target, and he just stops in the aisle on the way to get milk and starts laughing.  Shaking.  And pointing.  "Come here!" he managed to squeak through his laughter.

I walked back to where he'd stopped.  "What the heck are you laughing at?"

Look.  Look again.  Is that not the most adorable, mischievous little coffee pot you've ever seen?

It makes me wonder if it was intentional.  Who wouldn't want a coffee pot that looks like some kind of high-ranking religious official penguin with a single shiny flipper?  Oh man...and this is part of the reason I love him so damn much.  He has this way of making every day and every mindless chore into an adventure.

His car is currently in the shop because his cousin backed into it.  So we have a rental.  This rental has some odd buttons on the dash, such as this one:

Yes.  Cat Folder.  I'm just glad we didn't bring Marbles with...

In other news, after sushi last night we decided we'd try mochi ice cream.  We got green tea and mango.

It wasn't terrible, but the fondant-like covering over the balls was a little off-putting.  It's been dubbed "squishy stuff."

Lyndsay and Ben seem to be fascinated by it.  It was kind of silly putty.  If we'd have had a newspaper, we'd have tried to transfer ink onto it.  Instead, we ate it. 

And that's all the news that's fit to print.