Friday, July 9, 2010

Care Bears? Really?

Yes. Really.

I had a dream last night in which we were solving a mystery. Who is we? I don't recall. I think Robb was there. Maybe our friend Erin. I dunno. Anywho, we kept finding all these little plastic Care Bear toys lining the road. We followed the trail, finding baby ones and big ones, some big ones with baby Care Bear fetuses in them, stone cold. Eventually, we ran across this big plowed field with huge incoming storm clouds, and we found a little barn.

Next to the barn was a tiny yellow house that apparently contained a big, fat freak of a man. He came out in overalls and nothing else, and he started trying to tell us to go home because it was about to storm. I looked in his back yard and there were three tiny yellow Care Bears standing in a circle there.

I looked away.

I looked back, and there were a bunch of them, blue and yellow and red, all in a circle.

The man started to explain his plot to dominate the world by controlling the weather through Care Bear power. And then he summoned a huge storm...

I woke up bemused. Confused. But ultimately, I was thinking about what a great idea it would be to harness Care Bear power for weather control!

Umm...yeah...I take no responsibility for what my brain does when I'm asleep...or even half awake.



Bryan Ochalla said...

LOL! Have you been drinking before bed or something? Anyway, I envy you and your weird dreams :)

Oh, and harnessing Care Bear power for weather control is the best idea I've heard in a long time! ;)

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Last night I had sushi for dinner, went to late night volleyball, and then had a huge fight with the boy before bed. It wasn't pretty. I WISH there had been alcohol involved.