Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Lovely Walk...With...Photos?

So, the boy and I decided to take a walk last night after dinner. It was nice. We strolled the neighborhood, chatting, laughing, and looking at each other fondly. It was not unlike a Valtrex commercial.

I stopped to take a photo. It took. I stopped to take a second photo. BEEP BEEP BEEP!


Flick camera on and then off again.


Umm...who says? It just took a photo. It was fine thirty seconds ago!


I wanted to hurl it against the pavement and skip home singing.


I took it apart, took out the battery, took out the memory card, flicked it on, pressed buttons, everything...nothing.


Seriously...I wanted to scream. There were 204 photos on the card, and now it said there were ZERO. All of a sudden my camera got Alzheimer's and forgot that it knew my memory card, that they'd shared vacations and dinners and bike rides together. All gone.


So I put it in my pocket and grumped home. When I got there, I jammed it on my charger after rebooting MY computer, which had gotten stuck trying to go into sleep mode (it's newest charming trick). While I waited, I tried my other memory card.

Everything was fine. It remembered. It welcomed.

So I put the other one back in for fun.


Ugh. Really? At this point I wondered what was lost...when was the last time I uploaded? Weeks ago? Two? Three?


Finally my computer was back, so I jammed the camera on the charger again and told it to transfer photos. It transferred all 204 of them off the card. Then, I took it off the charger and turned it on.

Boop Boop Beep. Everything's fine.

WTF, camera?!

Let's hope it doesn't have a repeat performance tomorrow. Robb is home from work for an eye appointment and then we're going into the city to meet a friend for lunch.

Right now? It's off to finish the last 6 pages of Script Frenzy!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Yup. I've got one today at 2:30.

That's all I've got for you today. Maybe I'll post some photos later of the pixel art I've been doing in my new graph paper's mediocre, but it's fun!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Family Ties...

Show me that smile,
Oh, show me that smile!

Okay...I'll stop singing, now that that song is stuck in your head.

What's this post about?  Well, call it a companion piece to go with the strangers post.  I just wanted to show you people from my life who have made an impact on me:  My family.

Let's start way back when.

This is one of two photos I have of my grandpa (Sam), my biological father's dad:

As far as I know, he's still alive, although I hear he moved into a condo a few years ago, so I have no idea where he lives, and since I don't talk to my dad, I guess I'll never know.

I have no photos of my grandmother on my dad's side (Lorainne).  She died when I was a teenager-ish.  I also have no photos of my grandfather on my mother's side (Andy).  He died when I was very, very young.  My only memory of him is him sitting on a chair in my grandmother's house smiling at me.  It may not even be a real memory, as I think she may have moved into that place after he died. 

Speaking of her, this is the only photo I have of my grandmother (Bess), my mom's mom.  We just called her Gramma Gramma:

We have about a million of these pads lying around the house, but Mom packed them away a few years back to preserve them.  We used to draw moustaches and eyepatches on her.  She died when I was about eleven or twelve, shortly after my sister was born.

This is the only photo I have of my dad, whom I don't talk to anymore (that's a long story for another day that, surprisingly, has nothing to do with me being gay):

Yup.  I don't really have anything to say about him, except that he and my mom divorced when I was six, and we visited him regularly until we were old enough to only visit when we wanted, and then I stopped seeing him at all shortly after I started my senior year of college.

My mom got married to Duane a few years after her divorce.  I think I was eight.

That's them.

My older brother Jake is currently in Iraq.  He's due home for good in September.

I have tons of photos of him doing goofy shit.  We're partners in crime when we go out.  He and his wife live in Washington, but they've lived all over for Army stuff.

And my sister (who is really a half-sister, but we don't think of it like that), just rolled her car on Saturday.  She's fine, but the car isn't.

She was...12 in this picture, I think.  She's almost 17.  She's grown up a lot, has braces and beautiful teeth now, long dark hair.  She's a boy killer.  I call her Chris, but she's been known by many names:  Christy Jo, Crispy Jones, Christy, CJ, Turd, Christine, but NEVER, EVER Chrissy!

And that's my family.


Monday, April 26, 2010


Today I'm supposed to hear from the last place with whom I interviewed. Perhaps an update will be forthcoming. If anything, it will be a second interview. If nothing, well, I guess I'll keep looking. As of the 23rd, it has been two months since I was fired. I've been on five interviews, walked out of a job fair nearly in tears (and puke), been offered one job buy a creepy pervert, met with one career counselor, updated my resume six times, written ten different cover letters, applied for at least ten jobs, and been declined for one job.

It's been a busy two months. Why don't I have a job yet?

Yesterday I had a mini panic attack in bed. It was one of those oh-my-god-I-only-have-one-life-and-its-a-quarter-of-the-way-over-and-I-have-nothing-to-show-for-it moments. I was freaking out about death and wondering what it would be like if nothing happened after you died. What does it feel like to be dead? To not feel anything? To cease to exist? I can't comprehend it. The church had BETTER be right about all that God stuff, otherwise? Well, I guess it won't matter. I won't care. I'll be dead. But it's a sobering thought that keeps me awake and really, really warm.


Please allow me to sing for you. Gray skies are gonna clear up! Put on a happy face!


Friday, April 23, 2010

Yesterday and Tomorrow...

I didn't expect yesterday's blog to garner as much attention as it did.  Thanks, all!  I just like sharing my random hobby.

I realized after I posted that I left out what could possibly be my favorite random person shot EVER.

Yup.  I'm WAY proud of that one...

Whoever you are, random Asian lady, I apologize for catching you at that very amazing moment.

Moving on.

It is Friday, in case you haven't noticed.  I am sitting at the computer in my old desk chair, since Robb's desk chair broke yesterday, toppling me backwards onto the floor with a scream.  You should have been here.  Except, I wasn't know...since I don't dress until after I shower, and I don't normally shower right when I get up.  So maybe you shouldn't have been here.

Anynaked, I'm sitting here in the squeaky orange chair that I got from God knows where (there's a matching one at my mom's house), and I'm dreading getting up, because I know I'll have to peel my ass off the seat.  *riiiip*

No fun at all.

That's not where I was going with this!  Argh!  Now I've lost my train of thought and all you're concerned with is either getting rid of or holding on to the mental image of me toppling backwards out of a desk chair in my birthday suit.

It's the weekend.  Enjoy it!  Tonight we've got a friend's birthday party to attend, and I think tomorrow we're going to see Robb's little nephew in a tee ball game.  So, fun! 

Do something irrational.  Take a stranger's photo.  And then let me see it!


Thursday, April 22, 2010


I have a confession to make: 













I don't know why...





Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's That Time of the Month...

Yes. That time. Shut up. Guys have cycles, too, you know. Mine happens to fall right around the 20th. I get all depressed and don't want to do anything. I feel worthless. I don't feel like getting dressed or showering. And I start feeling like I have nothing to contribute to Xanga. Hence yesterdays post (in hindsight), and hence my feeling of being abandoned when it got one comment...

But ignore that, because I only feel that way once a month. And I know you all care. And I know you read. And I know Internet Video Tuesday isn't a hit around here...because who has 4 minutes to sit around watching a video they don't even care about?

This morning I had to peel myself out of bed.

And again, I feel like I have nothing to contribute. BUT!

I have some questions for anyone who lives in Illinois and filed a tax return: Have you gotten a check back yet? Did you file electronically? Did you do direct deposit?

Robb and I both sent in our forms. Mine is supposed to be direct deposit, and his is coming as a check. Neither of us have seen them yet, and we sent them waaaay back when. that typical? Has no one received any money from IL because we're broke? Or is it just us?


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Internet Video Tuesday: Moby Edition...

Today, after checking my email and visiting my routine Internet haunts, I don't really have much to say.  That's not a bad thing.  It happens about once a week, especially now when I'm stuck at home (ish) and pretty much doing the same thing every day.  The only news at the moment is that I'm still working on my script.  I just passed 57 pages yesterday, and although the goal as of this calendar day is ten more than that, I'm catching up.  I think the problem is that I can write three pages in fifteen minutes, so I just assume it doesn't matter if I skip a day.  And then I'm 20 pages behind and I go, "I'm never going to make it.  I should give up."  And then?  I write 14 pages in a day and realize I'm not out of the race yet.  In fact, I'm over the halfway point!

Anywho, back to not having anything to say.  I found this video yesterday, courtesy of my amigo free, a.k.a. halcyon_vesper.  It's just fun, and after all the fun is over, it's especially poignant.

I'd play that game!  I'd have an extra heaping helping of fun beating the crap out of that boss who fires him.

Catch you all tomorrow.  I've got a 3:30 interview today.


Monday, April 19, 2010

This Just In: Job Update...

So, in case you've been following my job prospects with any interest at all, here's how this Monday shook out, so far:

I opened my email box to find an email from Associated, the bank that was really unprofessional. They are extending their offer to someone else. Fair enough. Maybe they didn't like that I thought they were douchebags in the interview. I'm perfectly okay with this, since I'd decided I wasn't taking the job, anyway.

Then, there's an email from another bank, which I won't name right now. I submitted an application with them after being recommended to them by a friend (thanks, Mary!!!). My name went all the way to the owner, apparently, and now they're asking about my availability, which, if you've been following, is pretty much ANY TIME, since I don't really have a life right now.

Sweet. One door closes and another one opens.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Not So Foul...

I went to my interview, and the first thing the guy asked me was how my first interview went. So...I told him. I said it was the most unprofessional interview I'd ever been on. I told him the interviewer wasn't paying attention, asked me questions before I was done answering the one he'd just asked, and generally was unprofessional.

He seemed a little taken aback, but I also had the interview in the palm of my hand at that point. I felt in control. I was the one to be impressed, and I wouldn't settle for anything else.

He asked me, "So, knowing that, and knowing that these are the people you're going to be working with, are you still interested?"

I told him I wasn't sure, but I'd still like to interview. And he was great. I asked about insurance, asked about pay, and generally controlled the interview. It was a strange feeling. I don't usually feel empowered, but I WAS! So, at the end of the interview he said I might hear from someone about a job offer next week. I told him I'd know by then whether or not I wanted the job. And I left feeling confident and good.

And then I got lost on the way home...whoops! But that's another story. Right now, I'm feeling great! And tonight? Meeting old college friends for some pizza! I'm excited!



Despite having a lovely day yesterday helping my friend Adrianne move (I miss her already), playing Simpsons Scene It, and eating at places I don't normally eat, is different.

I'm in a foul mood today.

Maybe driving an hour listening to music will help before I have to be at my interview. And if not? Well then, I'll have to dust off my Lee Press-On smile...


Thursday, April 15, 2010

I just got a call from the bank where I had that bad interview.  They want me to drive an hour tomorrow morning for another interview.  I told them I would.  And now?  I just don't want to...but that's not the point of this post!

It was almost 80 yesterday, and it's looking to be about the same today!

I would have been stupid NOT to ride my bike yesterday.  So, off I went in my black tank top and black and blue plaid shorts.  I wanted a tan.  I figured I'd burn.  I didn't really do much of either, despite being out in the sun for almost an hour.  But there's plenty more year left, and I am determined to be tan (without using a tanning bed) before Pride this year!  And I'm hoping to avoid a farmer's tan for once in my life.  We shall see.

Speaking of seeing...I met this happy lady on my ride:

She was chasing a stick thrown by her man.  I rode up and heard a big SPLASH!!!  I thought, "Gosh, I hope that wasn't what it sounded like!  It was not.

She was a good fetcher!  Her man and I chatted a little about how she was living the high life...and how she touched the Kish so she's never leaving DeKalb again.  But hey, when your whole life is get-the-stick, get-the-stick, get-the-stick, I think DeKalb is a pretty good place to be damned.

It certainly is pretty this time of year.  It almost makes me forget about winter entirely when the Violets start poking their white and purple heads up.

They're my next favorite, after Daffodils...maybe because they usually pop their heads up right after.

We were all enjoying the sun.  And today?  I think I'm going to do the same once more.  Who knows...maybe I'll see the Water Guy leaping into the Kish to fetch something...

Except...i just got a phone call from a friend who wants me to help her move.  Right.  I'd almost forgotten.  Maybe I'll just ride my bike over there.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Coffee, Anyone?

Today, I'd just like to say this:

Sometimes you just need a little Will & Grace to get the day started.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I've got a question for y'all.

Do you think that an interview process is not only a chance for the company to get to know you, but for you to get to know the company? And, as such, if you believe it is such, shouldn't that company be trying to make the best impression they can?

Why do I ask this question?

Well, I had an interview yesterday with a bank in town. I had slight trepidation going in, and I wasn't sure why. It just didn't feel...right. I don't normally feel this way about things, so when I get this feeling, it usually proves itself to be correct.

I walked in and told one of the tellers I was here for my appointment with the manager. She went and told him. He proceeds to go behind the teller line, ignoring me entirely, and starts chatting with the employees, leaning on a wall, just completely ignoring that I'm there. I sat for five minutes while he just let me sit...

Then, when he came over, he sprung another interviewer on me, which wasn't a big deal. In the interview, he didn't ask how I was, didn't ask me to tell him a little bit about myself, wouldn't have shaken my hand if I hadn't initiated it, and jumped right in on the reason I was fired from National City.

Now, I understand that's important. It's the big thing standing in the way of another bank job, and I know employers want to know about it. But there's a polite way to do things. He asked me questions, and then didn't wait for me to finish before he started in on another question. When I was answering the questions, he frequently was glancing out his window into the lobby or interrupting me.

The woman who was in the room with us never said anything, didn't ask me any questions, didn't respond with anything but the bare minimum when I asked her a question, and never once smiled. The man behind the desk was a pompous ass, laughing at my old bank AND making strange, hateful asides towards Chase Bank, who I have no association with.

It was generally unprofessional and completely unacceptable. If he were the interviewee, I'd have shown him the door and told him to learn some respect before he tried to apply again.

He failed his half of the interview. Brilliantly.

Why is it that I can only get job offers from sexual predators and assholes who run banks that are highly unprofessional? Does that say something about me?!

I'm taking a day off from job hunting today.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday Weekend...

I had a fantastic birthday!  Friday night's party was a good time filled with Moscato, homemade Sangria, and cheesecake.  I ate too much, drank too much, and generally felt great besides being really full. 

Saturday Robb and I drove around.  No, really.  We decided to go to Sonic for lunch, which was about an hour away.  Then we drove around Chicagoland just enjoying the music in the CD player and the gorgeous day.  Taking 19 around the backside of O'Hare?  So neat.

And then we chilled at home, hit the arcade later that night, and decided to have a quiet night at home.  We blasted through Contra for the NES just for kicks, and then called it a night.

And yesterday was church, writing group, and dinner with my family at Yen Ching.  My mom gave me the contents of the family change jar all wrapped up by my devious little sister, and she gave me my grandmother's antique tea (sake?) set.  It was such a sweet and thoughtful gift!  I loved that grandma so much (we called her Gramma Gramma)!  Robb got me Wario Ware D.I.Y. for my DS and Marbles got me Mario & Luigi:  Bowser's Inside Story for my DS!  Sweet gifts always make me smile!  AND!  I have so many leftovers I won't be able to finish them all, but I'm going to give it my best shot! 

And today at 2?  After I'm all bloated on leftover Chinese food?  JOB INTERVIEW! 

Yes yes.  Oh, and I discovered the funniest video of all time:

Seriously.  I don't even have to watch it and I start laughing about it...oh my gosh. You might want to actually go to YouTubeand watch it, since it won't fit here, sadly.

And with that?  Have a great day!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

I just stuck my finger in a pond and got bit by several bluegill! Noodling, anyone?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Renege...Uncut Version...

So, I know I said yesterday that I was so sick of talking about jobs.  And I am.  But.

I applied for two bank jobs today.  A friend came through with an unexpected recommendation that went ALL THE WAY to the BANK OWNER!  So, I sent an email with my resume to one, filled out an application for another, and Ka-BAM!  I'm applied.

Let's just hope I'm employed soon...


So, I applied at a different bank today thank the one I sent my resume to, because a friend of mine told me (when I ran into him and his girlfriend at Target last night--random!) that they were hiring.  So, I got an email to take a pre-recorded telephone I did.  Then HR calls me and asks about my termination from National City (ugh)!  THEN!  The bank manager calls me and asks me to interview on MONDAY!  Woot!  So...maybe something WILL work out!


And then I got a call from the bank I sent my resume to asking me to fill out an application, so I went to a branch and did just that!  It's like I hit the jackpot today...with that and yet ANOTHER Water Guy sighting (he waved at me first!).  Crazy...happy birthday to me!


In other news, it's turning out to be a lovely day!  I got my new T-shirt, and I got my prize from Club Nintendo...maybe I'll model them later.  Sweet.


So, I got all nice and showered (second time today) and put on my cute new shirt.

Yes.  That IS Super Mario sushi.  Frog Mario on one end, Blooper on the other, and Cheep Cheeps in the middle.  Amazingly morbid and cute stuff!  Anywho...there's that.  And my Club Nintendo Prize?

It's a game/stylus holder for the DS, which is LOVE.  And the best part?

Rainbow stylus collection!  Yessirree!  And now you know what a big dork I am...if you're just joining us.  If you're a long-time reader and you didn't know that...shame on you!


And!  I think it looks nice enough outside that I might be able to slip in a bike ride.

Then?  Tonight my friend Katie is throwing a party for herself and me in celebration of our joint birthday (Sunday the 11th).'s all kinds of great stuff!

OH!  And as an early birthday present, I ran into the Water Guy at Wal Mart last night.  He was browsing video games.  SCORE!!!  Did I say hello? brain went to mush and my only thought was "FLEE!!!"

Bah...I'll get it right one of these times.



So, I know I said yesterday that I was so sick of talking about jobs. And I am. But.

I applied for two bank jobs today. A friend came through with an unexpected recommendation that went ALL THE WAY to the BANK OWNER! So, I sent an email with my resume, filled out an application, and Ka-BAM! I'm applied.

Let's just hope I'm employed soon...

In other news, it's turning out to be a lovely day! I got my new T-shirt, and I got my prize from Club Nintendo...maybe I'll model them later. Sweet.

And! I think it looks nice enough outside that I might be able to slip in a bike ride.

Then? Tonight my friend Katie is throwing a party for herself and me in celebration of our joint birthday (Sunday the 11th).'s all kinds of great stuff!

OH! And as an early birthday present, I ran into the Water Guy at Wal Mart last night. He was browsing video games. SCORE!!! Did I say hello? brain went to mush and my only thought was "FLEE!!!"

Bah...I'll get it right one of these times.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vacation From My Life...

Does anyone know of a switch that exists that will let me just wipe my thoughts clean and start again? I'm so done having every conversation and every thought revolve around job hunting, applying, and not hearing anything back...seriously. I just want a vacation from my life.

Every day I get online and look for jobs. Every time I leave the house I look for help wanted signs. Every conversation I have ends with, "and if you know of anybody who is hiring, let me know."

Every day when Robb comes home we talk about jobs, and then later in the evening he gets online and starts telling me what he's finding, which I've already seen that day, and which I don't want to talk about anymore.

At Easter his dad found out that I'm unemployed, and now he keeps calling and suggesting things we could try, things I've already tried, or things I would never be qualified for.

I just want to cry...I apply for at least one job every day. I've heard back from one place. I had two interviews with them. I haven't heard back. I am calling them today.

And then, when I AM offered a job, it's on the wings of an offer for sex.

But really, it's just the constant grinding of the talk about jobs, the looking for jobs, the applying for jobs, the feeling unqualified for jobs, the arguing about jobs, the wanting of jobs...

Anyone want to switch lives for a few days?


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Texting Your Dad...

So...yesterday I said life wasn't that interesting lately. Well, maybe I should stop saying that. I think it invites drama.

I got a text yesterday. Here's the conversation, basically:

Stranger: Hey, I got your number from a friend and I think you're really hot. Are you gay?

So, here's where I thought, "If he's met my friend, the friend would know I was gay. There aren't any friends who don't know I'm gay. If he has a head, he'd know I was gay. So...who has a photo of me that doesn't know I'm gay?

Me: Umm...yes. Who is asking? And which friend?
Stranger: I knew it! Wanna get Chinese sometime?
Me: I don't even know you!
Stranger: Well, think about it. I think you know who this is.

And I did. The Chinese gave it away. It was an old customer of mine who always looked at me funny when he was in the drive. I thought he was gay, and then I found out he was married. So...I wasn't sure what to think. So I said:

Me: I thought you were married.
Stranger: No, that's my twin brother. We pull that trick on everyone.
Me: You must think I'm some kind of idiot! I'd rather you were straight with me than lied.
Stranger: Fine, I think you're hot and I want to give you head. Is that better?
Me: Well, at least it's more honest.
Stranger: So?
Me: I am happily partnered and have been for 4 years. But thanks...

I was bummed, honestly. My boss said she gave him my number because he told her was going to offer me a job. He didn't specify that it was a BLOW job. it was settled. He was a creeper. And married--with children my age. And not going to offer me a job.

Stranger: Sorry. I'll leave you alone.

And that's basically where we left it. And then I didn't sleep last night because my brain wouldn't shut up about the whole situation. And it kept rendering all my memories and thoughts in tiny cubes that dropped in like sand...and it wouldn't let me SLEEP! So I'm really, really tired today. And I thought it was over.

Today, however, I get a text from him offering me a job. A REAL job. It's not what I was making, but it's a job. It's 20-30 hours a week, plus selling incentives and on-the-job perks (not sex!). He says I have "that look" with my hair and clothes and the way I carry myself, that I could sell the product to girls and interested guys without a problem. Waitwaitwait...I get offered a job because I look gay? I don't know what to think. Is he still trying to get in my pants? Is he realizing he can't have me and trying to keep me nearer for a change TO have me? Is he honestly trying to help me out, now that he knows I'm unemployed and poor?

See, this is how my life works. It's never simple. It's never a job I am SURE about. It's always this morally gray area that I'm forced to trudge through for every friggin good thing that comes into my life! What the hell?

So...yeah. This is my life.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These...

Last night I had a dream about the Water Guy. He lived in a tiny attic apartment with a filthy mattress and a water cooler. He told me his name was Nick Emmling and that his cell number was (813) 547-2540. Things got naughty. I think my body and mind are telling me I need to get laid.

Remember when I got fired? Let's just say I remember that more clearly than the last time I had sex.

We've been busy...and sort of low in the self esteem department. I wasn't feeling sexy or anything after losing my job, and he was injured. And while I'd be happy to have it any time, any where, our routine is a weekend morning type of thing. Maybe we can shake that up, since we're always busy on the weekends...

Blah. This is depressing.

Enough TMI.

I had a great idea for my blog today, and now I cannot remember what it was.

We took shelter last night in the bathroom for a few minutes because the storm outside was so bad. The wind was so strong at one point that it sounded like we were in a car going down the road with all the windows open. Scary stuff! So, when Robb says we should take shelter, I'm taken back to all those storms from my childhood where we sat in the basement with flashlights and prayed to God our house didn't end up on the news. And you know what? It's still standing. Although one time it was so windy that it blew a shingle off our roof that flew off and punctured the radiator of a friend's car as he drove past our house one day. No lie! How strange is that?

Script Frenzy is in full swing. I'm at 14 pages. I have no idea where I'm SUPPOSED to be, since I can't find a freaking calendar for this event ANYWHERE! But I'm getting there.

In other news, Friday we're having a party at my friend Katie's house for our joint birthday (which is on Sunday). Come on over! Call me for directions.

I'll stop rambling now. You might get a good post soon, but life's been pretty dull. Just a lot of searching for jobs and applying and not getting any response. I told God last night that I gave up my job for Lent, and now it's past Easter so I want it back! I'm still waiting on his people to contact my people...


Monday, April 5, 2010


I'd have photos for you,
My camera's battery crapped out WAY early this weekend.

I'd have a blog post for you,
I'm feeling kind of blah about not having a job right now.

I'd have something interesting for you,
I don't want to just get on here and bitch again.

I'd have taken a shower and gotten dressed already today,
I've been on the net, catching up from the weekend.

Tomorrow. My blog. Be there.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

I squashed a spider in church...during communion. So much for compassion. Well, maybe it shouldn't have startled me like that. Ick.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

On my way to Chicago to eat at my favorite restaurant with some of my favorite people. Hooray for early birthday celebrations!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Texting Your Mom...

I am having a text conversation with my mom right now. It's sort of odd. She's not really "tech savvy." But it's nice when I have a quick question, because most times I don't call her unless I have an hour or so to talk, because a ten second conversation sprials out of control into an hours-long chatfest. It never fails.

And next? Maybe I'll text your mom.

Yesterday I took an hour-long bike ride. I got a little sun and a lot of exercise. I saw the Water Guy! And I was looking cute in my blue, orange, brown, and khaki plaid shorts and my brown tank top. Hell yes! So, I came home and then unexpectedly went to help my friend Jenni move. Let's just say that by 9:00 I wanted to be in bed. I was so exhausted!

Robb was tired, too. And so we came home and had a stupid fight. And then I stayed up and read for an hour while he showered and went to bed. And after I finished James Baldwin's Another Country, I wasn't mad anymore. I just wanted to love my boyfriend and sleep in the same bed. So I went to bed at 11:00 and couldn't fall asleep because the damn blinds kept sucking against the window in the breeze and waking me up every time I dozed off. And I had a lot on my mind. And my arm was hurting from when I sliced it open yesterday. So I had a pretty horrific night of sleep.

This morning I wanted to sleep in, but I was worried the mailman would come and I'd miss him and miss my package. Oh, and the damn cat was knocking everything off the headboard and meowing and walking on my face and biting me...he won't let me sleep past 9:00, ever!

Blah. So I'm exhausted. And today? I have to make two chocolate chip cheesecakes, go pay the electric bill that's overdue, go pay rent, and then we're going to color Easter eggs with friends...and sleeping over...and going out tomorrow and Sunday, too. I'm going to be so exhausted by the end of this weekend.

Anywho...I'm not sorry I'm bitching today. It's one of THOSE days. Maybe I'll take a nap...


Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's...

My inbox is surprisingly quiet this morning. No pranks. No pregnancy scares. Nothing.

The Seder dinner last night was great! I met some new friends and saw some old friends. I think I enjoyed myself a tad much. Lots of laughs were had, and lots of drunk stories were told.

Tomorrow I'm going to a friend's house to color Easter eggs. I haven't done that in years, so it should be a fun time. I'm bringing what's left of the cake I baked yesterday FROM SCRATCH! Y'all? I've never baked a cake from scratch in my life! I've never wanted to. And yesterday I wanted cake so bad I MADE ONE FROM SCRATCH! I wanted it to be all chocolate frosting, but apparently we only had half-a-cake's worth. So it's half chocolate, half vanilla. I'm as amazed as everyone that it came out. Seriously...

There's nothing better than a piece of yellow cake with chocolate frosting for breakfast!

It's still really quiet in cyberspace. Outside, though, the birds are singing springtime hymns and the sun is shining like mad. I keep waiting for the snow to suddenly crash down on us and all the birds to shout, "APRIL FOOL'S!" But the beat goes on...

I think I'm going to spend the day outside today. Anyone up for a bike ride?