Friday, April 2, 2010

Texting Your Mom...

I am having a text conversation with my mom right now. It's sort of odd. She's not really "tech savvy." But it's nice when I have a quick question, because most times I don't call her unless I have an hour or so to talk, because a ten second conversation sprials out of control into an hours-long chatfest. It never fails.

And next? Maybe I'll text your mom.

Yesterday I took an hour-long bike ride. I got a little sun and a lot of exercise. I saw the Water Guy! And I was looking cute in my blue, orange, brown, and khaki plaid shorts and my brown tank top. Hell yes! So, I came home and then unexpectedly went to help my friend Jenni move. Let's just say that by 9:00 I wanted to be in bed. I was so exhausted!

Robb was tired, too. And so we came home and had a stupid fight. And then I stayed up and read for an hour while he showered and went to bed. And after I finished James Baldwin's Another Country, I wasn't mad anymore. I just wanted to love my boyfriend and sleep in the same bed. So I went to bed at 11:00 and couldn't fall asleep because the damn blinds kept sucking against the window in the breeze and waking me up every time I dozed off. And I had a lot on my mind. And my arm was hurting from when I sliced it open yesterday. So I had a pretty horrific night of sleep.

This morning I wanted to sleep in, but I was worried the mailman would come and I'd miss him and miss my package. Oh, and the damn cat was knocking everything off the headboard and meowing and walking on my face and biting me...he won't let me sleep past 9:00, ever!

Blah. So I'm exhausted. And today? I have to make two chocolate chip cheesecakes, go pay the electric bill that's overdue, go pay rent, and then we're going to color Easter eggs with friends...and sleeping over...and going out tomorrow and Sunday, too. I'm going to be so exhausted by the end of this weekend.

Anywho...I'm not sorry I'm bitching today. It's one of THOSE days. Maybe I'll take a nap...


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Bryan Ochalla said...

Ha ha! I love this line: And next? Maybe I'll text your mom." :)

So, did you nap?

Hope the Easter Egg-coloring party is a blast!