Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These...

Last night I had a dream about the Water Guy. He lived in a tiny attic apartment with a filthy mattress and a water cooler. He told me his name was Nick Emmling and that his cell number was (813) 547-2540. Things got naughty. I think my body and mind are telling me I need to get laid.

Remember when I got fired? Let's just say I remember that more clearly than the last time I had sex.

We've been busy...and sort of low in the self esteem department. I wasn't feeling sexy or anything after losing my job, and he was injured. And while I'd be happy to have it any time, any where, our routine is a weekend morning type of thing. Maybe we can shake that up, since we're always busy on the weekends...

Blah. This is depressing.

Enough TMI.

I had a great idea for my blog today, and now I cannot remember what it was.

We took shelter last night in the bathroom for a few minutes because the storm outside was so bad. The wind was so strong at one point that it sounded like we were in a car going down the road with all the windows open. Scary stuff! So, when Robb says we should take shelter, I'm taken back to all those storms from my childhood where we sat in the basement with flashlights and prayed to God our house didn't end up on the news. And you know what? It's still standing. Although one time it was so windy that it blew a shingle off our roof that flew off and punctured the radiator of a friend's car as he drove past our house one day. No lie! How strange is that?

Script Frenzy is in full swing. I'm at 14 pages. I have no idea where I'm SUPPOSED to be, since I can't find a freaking calendar for this event ANYWHERE! But I'm getting there.

In other news, Friday we're having a party at my friend Katie's house for our joint birthday (which is on Sunday). Come on over! Call me for directions.

I'll stop rambling now. You might get a good post soon, but life's been pretty dull. Just a lot of searching for jobs and applying and not getting any response. I told God last night that I gave up my job for Lent, and now it's past Easter so I want it back! I'm still waiting on his people to contact my people...



Bryan Ochalla said...

I love that you remember the water guy's supposed name and, especially, his supposed call number :)

Other than that, can you share any info on the script you're writing?

Kathy said...

The paper copy of the Calendar that I make every year is here:


Viewtiful_Justin said...


Argent said...

Did you try that cell number? Your storms sound freakish compared to our ones.