Friday, April 23, 2010

Yesterday and Tomorrow...

I didn't expect yesterday's blog to garner as much attention as it did.  Thanks, all!  I just like sharing my random hobby.

I realized after I posted that I left out what could possibly be my favorite random person shot EVER.

Yup.  I'm WAY proud of that one...

Whoever you are, random Asian lady, I apologize for catching you at that very amazing moment.

Moving on.

It is Friday, in case you haven't noticed.  I am sitting at the computer in my old desk chair, since Robb's desk chair broke yesterday, toppling me backwards onto the floor with a scream.  You should have been here.  Except, I wasn't know...since I don't dress until after I shower, and I don't normally shower right when I get up.  So maybe you shouldn't have been here.

Anynaked, I'm sitting here in the squeaky orange chair that I got from God knows where (there's a matching one at my mom's house), and I'm dreading getting up, because I know I'll have to peel my ass off the seat.  *riiiip*

No fun at all.

That's not where I was going with this!  Argh!  Now I've lost my train of thought and all you're concerned with is either getting rid of or holding on to the mental image of me toppling backwards out of a desk chair in my birthday suit.

It's the weekend.  Enjoy it!  Tonight we've got a friend's birthday party to attend, and I think tomorrow we're going to see Robb's little nephew in a tee ball game.  So, fun! 

Do something irrational.  Take a stranger's photo.  And then let me see it!



Stan said...

Have a great weekend! I always feel awkward at birthday parties or any parties, social gatherings anymore. I think it's called being socially dysfunctional.

PepeB said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I took a lot of photos of strangers – it's fun, and suddenly everyone seems so special. Made my day today.

Argent said...

Dude! Put a towel on the freakin' chair before you sit down on it, seriously! Great pic though and I think we should start a new meme - "Shoot a Stranger Day" or something.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

I love that idea (both of them) Argent!

And PepeB, I'm glad I could change your outlook for the better today!

And Stan? Really? You seem like you'd be a fun guy!