Friday, July 30, 2010

To Do...

Today is a "go" day.  This is a term I borrowed from Mommacakes.

I will be going, doing, and seeing today. 

I have to go try on my tux for the wedding I'm in tomorrow, and I'm WAY nervous it won't be even remotely right in size, since the guy who measured me was, like, 12, and the numbers he got weren't close to what I know I actually am.

I realize that statement is agist.  I hate it when people discriminate based on age.  It happens to me all the time at work, less now than it did when I worked for National City (now PNC).  People ask you a question, and when you answer them, they look at the person next to you who appears to be older (as everyone does next to me), sees them nod, and THEN believes you.  They can't take YOUR word for it.  No, no.  They have to hear it from someone who isn't a dumb young kid.

Anywho.  I'm just hoping I'm not swimming in my tux.

Then?  Wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. 

Oh, and in computer news, I called Apple when I noticed they issued me a refund for my computer yesterday.  They apparently weren't planning on sending a replacement like they'd said they were.  I'm beginning to think they need to hire people who aren't just nice, but who can ALSO DO THEIR DAMN JOB!  I'd much rather talk to someone rude who got things done than someone who is sweet but as dumb as a post. 

So I got my computer ordered, my original 2-3 day shipping refunded (seeing as how it's more than two weeks since I originally ordered my computer and I still don't have it), and a 15% coupon promised to me for my next purchase. 

And I didn't have to firebomb the offices.  Now, if only it gets here on Monday, the 2nd, when he told me it was coming.  If not?  *sigh*  I'm tired of being disappointed by this company.

So there's that. 

I feel like I have something else to do today...but I can't figure out what.  Oh well. 

It's time to go.


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Argent said...

Hmm, busy day. Bet you look good in your tux. Fingers crossed for you for Monday (and for Apple's Customer Service Department if it doesn't come, hehe).