Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Canvassing for Guests...

So, I just bought Dragon Quest 9. I know. It sounds nerdy. It IS nerdy.

Shut up.

There's a hotel in the game that you help start, and there's a feature called "canvass for guests". You just select that option and close your Nintendo DS without shutting it off. It goes into sleep mode, and anyone else you pass withing 30 feet of who is also canvassing for guests will make contact with your game and become a guest in your hotel. They may even share treasure maps with you.

Do you know what this does to me? I want to take my DS everywhere. I want to go into the city and wander the streets, Chinatown, the mall. I want to take the damn thing to work with me just in case some kid comes through the drive who may be canvassing for guests. It's a little obsessive. I took it grocery shopping yesterday. No results.

I'm thinking of looking into groups online that meet to play, to trade, etc.

This thing is going to eat my life. And that's just ONE of the many, many amazing aspects of this game that doesn't even have ANYTHING to do with the story!

I'm pretty much doomed.



Greg said...

Games for the DS have a way of sucking you in and never letting go. I'm almost through "Lego Harry Potter" which I've owned for only a few days. I play it every chance I get.

Argent said...

This is precisely WHY I don't play these games - pretty soon I'd be out of a job, homeless and broke, having neglected all my other things. Sure sounds fun though.