Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Long Weekend...

This is my fourth day off of work. Tomorrow I must return. Sad sack.

Saturday I helped a friend move. I aggravated my bad foot going up and down stairs with heavy stuff. But we got her moved, and her new place is gorgeous.

Sunday I got to see some writing group peeps that I haven't seen for months. I am starting to get excited for NaNoWriMo! Oh man...Then Robb and I took off to go see my mom's new house.

Oh. My. Gorgeous!

Seriously. I'll get photos to upload some day. It's very 1920s or 30s...all original woodwork. Some original windows. It's got arches and columns and a beautiful staircase...a sun room...a two-story garage with a workroom in the top. It's just...amazing. Especially for $150 less a month than she WAS paying. It's a huge step up. Turns out they decided to move in part because our old landlord came by and went to smoke a joint with the neighbors across the alley. While he was there, he told them that we owed him money. Lies. So...they gone!

And Sunday night on the ride home, I felt like someone had kicked me square in the middle of my back, like, steel toe to spine.

Monday morning it was no better, but Robb and I went to Galena and kicked around the town. I brought money to shop, and all we bought was candy and cheese. I was slightly disappointed that I didn't see anything I really wanted to get for our apartment. But I saved my cash, mostly. By the time I went to bed, every movement was feeling like I was being stabbed in the back.

This morning? Ugh. It hurts so damn bad. Sitting up, standing up, rolling over in bed, bending down, walking...it all hurts. I think maybe I overexerted myself helping move. I'm taking today to do as little as possible...and hoping it helps.

I'm such an old lady.



David said...

Actually, that sounds kinda like what my dad had for a while, which is a herniated disc. That might be something you want to get checked out before it gets any worse, because it generally tends to degenerate if not attended to. Just saying...

[worried face]

Bryan Ochalla said...

Yikes! I certainly hope you aren't experiencing a herniated disc and just tweaked a muscle or something instead. Fingers crossed for you...

Viewtiful_Justin said...

I drank a crapton of water and took some advil, and I feel much better today.