Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Piece of Me...

So, this might be kind of gross. I'll just apologize in advance. I'm sorry.

A few days ago I was itching my neck/shoulder area, and I nicked this skin tag I have...just a little nub that sticks out about two millimeters...not like an extra head or anything. Anywho, it bled. So I washed it, kept an eye on it...took it easy. My desire was to just grab it and yank, just to get it off of me. But...eww. And oww. I didn't feel like mopping up blood, so I let it be. was there yesterday.

*scans the carpet, yesterday's outfit, and the bed for blood or escaped nubbins*

No idea what happened to it. Apparently I didn't need it that much...and it never bled. bled so little that I missed it. I'm just a little amazed that a part of me can just go missing without my notice. I imagine this must be what people who swallow a loose tooth feel like.

Weird. O_o



Adorably Dead said...

0_o I would be horrified if I ever swallowed a loose tooth. And I hate skin tags! I have a couple, I've pondered taking scissors to mine, but have been advised against it.

Don't worry about the nubbin. Maybe it went to live with the dust bunnies under the sofa. :p

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Maybe! I hate skin tags, too...there's no reason for them to exist, and they just make me feel icky. One less is a go thing, I guess. And...scissors?! I'd at least see someone to have it removed. But...that's coming from the guy who just sort of...lost his.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Ugh! I hate skin tags, too. I think I'm free of them at the moment, thankfully, although I've had some in the past. I wonder what caused them to disappear? Anyway, I love this story, even though it's kind of gross. Thanks for sharing :)

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Sure! Just another random happenstance.