Wednesday, November 27, 2013

They're Back...

Yesterday my favorite band released their first CD in ten years.  They broke up.  They went their separate ways.  And all their fans prayed and prayed for them to do a reunion tour.  And happened.  They got back together.  Wrote a new album.  Kickstarter was the vehicle, and their fans drove it home in 52 minutes.

Now Five Iron Frenzy's new album The Engine of a Million Plots is on my stereo.  And Reese Roper's voice brings me to tears like it did ten years ago.  He doesn't even have to be singing about anything...just hearing it is a fucking miracle.

I wasn't sure I'd still love them after ten years away from something new, but...oh man.  I shouldn't have ever doubted.  I don't know the songs.  I just know the sound, and it is glorious.


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