Friday, February 7, 2014

Catching Up with Time...

2.5  Cupid Cometh

The day approaches
and still the stone lies
over my well’s mouth
barring access to what I know
lurks just underneath
beneath whatever scum
has formed or found its way
into the basin we built
if only I can budge it
roll the stone away
and scoop the clearest dipper
to raise to your thirsty lips.


2.6  Now Here

Hurtling through infinity
black as light’s leaving
it strives to arrive
on time and in fashion
but those of us who sit
and pray grow weary
in this garden of light
eyes straining for boundary
made indecipherable
by glare and gleam
and you are nowhere.


2.7  Deteriorata

Your silence fills my mindspace
packing my ears with wax
and sealing the night’s end
a deaf bickering match
over dessert unplanned
but not unrehearsed
where no one can win
but those who wish us ill
and their ilk
and tomorrow
will begin with fresh hurt
and new reasons
for silence when so many words
are dying to be spoken

waiting to go unheard.



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