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I've been nominated by Bryan Ochalla of The Gay Gamer to complete an eleven (it took me three tries to type that word) question series of surveys including 11 Q&A exchanges and eleven interesting (their word, not mine) fact about myself.  It's part of a nomination circle of something called a Liebster Award, which is handed out to people other people think are the loveliest bloggers in their circle.  I'm not sure I live up to that, especially recently, but I'm game!

Well, Bryan gave me the same questions he had, so let's start there.

1.  Can you tell something typical about the country you live in?

My country is the U.S.A.  I'm not really all that proud of it, to be honest.  I'm not one of those "GO USA!" people.  I didn't choose it.  I don't feel a particular affinity for it.  But it's where I live.  The country is home to as many different kinds of people and ways of living as you could imagine.  Finding something "typical" is as hard as finding something atypical.  I guess, if I had to say something typical about my country, it'd be that we have a hard time seeing anything in any viewpoint other than the American one.  It's built and bred into us, and is buried so deep that rooting it out would be next to impossible.

2.  Why did you take up blogging?

I'm going to answer this and then answer an unasked question:  why did I quit blogging?  I started blogging because I was bored one December day.  I thought, "I want to write something."  And someone read it.  And they enjoyed it.  And they told me so.  When I went away to college, my blog was the place to go for photos and stories about what was going on on campus.  My camera came with me everywhere, and I always had something to say.  It was nice being in the limelight.  After college, I didn't feel like I had much else to say that was even close to as interesting, but I kept doing it.  Several people took to policing my blog and confronting me in real life about the things I wrote there, twisting my words to mean something I didn't say.  I didn't feel comfortable with my words being used as weapons against them or me.  I didn't feel like I could speak freely, anymore, so I quit.

3.  Do you set yourself a goal or a number of blogs per week or month?

Not anymore.  I used to try to blog every weekday.  I'd save photos and stories so I'd have something to share every day.  It was part of my midday routine, to throw together a blog post.  Sometimes I worked for days on a post, only to have Xanga eat it and ruin days of hard work.  Anymore, though, I don't have any regular posting schedule, and when I post, not many people see it anymore.

4.  Where do you get your inspiration to write?

Everyday life provides more stories than I could tell.  I have always drawn from that rich well of experience.  If I can share a lesson or make someone laugh or--hope of hope--both, then I feel like I've done my job well.

5.  Do you own more than one gaming device, and which ones?

Ha!  Umm...yes.  Way more.  I have an NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Gameboy Advance SP, Gameboy Color, Wii, Wii U, PSX, PS2, PS3, a 3DS, a DS, and a PC.  And my phone.  I have more of that stuff than I care to admit.  I probably have a thousand of hours of back log to get through.  Maybe more.

6.  What are your favorite kinds of games?

I am very much into games that have a sense of humor or that make me think.  My go-to are RPGs.  The best time in gaming was when Super NES RPGs were in full force.  Or now, when all that stuff is fairly readily available.  Other than that, I enjoy life sims, platformers, and retro-inspired games.

7.  What are your three favorite movies?

Angels in America, Clue, and the Breakfast Club, in that order.

8.  What is your go-to music when you feel sad?

My go-to sad music is a series of CDs I made inspired by tampon commercials.  They're called "Songs for Those Heavy Days."  It's a lot of sad music.  I wallow.  Clearly.  Otherwise, I go to anything I can sing at the top of my lungs in the car or in the shower.

9.  Does your work or study match your blogging topics?

Considering my blogging topics are now and have always been about real life, yes.  Work provides plenty of stories for my blog, were I to share them.  Like yesterday, I was given a free meal for a perfect customer service mystery shop interaction, and then I was reamed by an old man because I "need lessons in customer service."  Because he didn't get what he wanted.  Which was something ridiculous.  I'd write about that stuff all the time, but it would just make me irate.  As far as study goes?  I have an English'nuff said.

10.  If you have a partner, is he or she into gaming?

I do have a fiance.  And he is into gaming.  We play Smash Bros and Mario Kart and all kinds of stuff together.  We spend 120 hours completing almost 100% of Just Cause 2.  We tooled around in Grand Theft Auto.  We play anything that make us laugh and shake our heads.  And then there's board games.  We play so many so often, it would take a whole post to tell you about it.  But I've spent a long time cultivating a gaming group, and I'm glad he is a part of it.

11.  What kind of pet do you have?

We have a grouchy old cat named Marbles, and we love him more than life itself.  I'd post a photo, but if I opened that box, I'd never shut it.  And the internet has enough cat blogs.


Now...11 "interesting" facts about myself?

1.  I've written nine novels, four screenplays, and once wrote a poem every day for an entire year.

2.  I often imagine someone will recognize me for my talents in some mundane thing I don't even think about.  I picture that interaction in my head more often than I can tell.  Example:  "'re a REALLY GOOD snapper!  I'm looking for someone to snap during this track I wrote.  It doesn't pay much, but..."

3.  I rehearse conversations in my head before I have them.  I'm constantly running lines with people who don't even know it.  If it's not in my repertoire of pre-loaded conversation, I have trouble coming up with the right words on the spot.  It gets worse as I get older, and I'm worried it's something clinical.

4.  If I'm not rehearsing conversations, I'm replaying them and thinking about what I could have said to be more witty or charming or mean or cutting or smart or whatever.

5.  I spend most mornings playing video games before I go to work.

6.  My favorite animal is the hippo.  They're unsuspectingly dangerous.

7.  My biggest pet peeve is people who don't return common courtesy.  If I say hello, you should respond in kind.  I don't care what kind of day you're having.  If you're an adult, you should be able to interact in a civil manner with people you don't know.  Say thank you.  Instead of saying, "Yup," when I wish you a good day, say "You, too," or "You're welcome."  Just be a decent human being.

8.  Flattery will get you everywhere.  I'm a sucker for a compliment.

9.  I have issues with expectations.  I expect too much from myself, and therefore expect the same out of everyone around me.  If I care THIS MUCH you should care THIS MUCH, too.  If you don't I feel like I'm the only one putting in the effort.  And then I shut down.  It's neurotic.  And then there's this:  if you expect me to do something, or you expect a certain action out of me, chances are, you'll get it.  I think that comes from a long childhood of people-pleasing.  Educational systems teach us that, if nothing else.  And I was nothing if not a good student.

10.  I got straight A's in college, but not in high school.

11.  Half my personality is in my hair and eyebrows.


Thanks for sharing, Bryan!  I hope someone comes to check this out some day.


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