Friday, July 31, 2015

Missing It...

You guys.

I'm missing GenCon.  Last year it was the most glorious three days I'd had in a long time.  Cosplayers, good friends, great food trucks, and GAMES.  Tons of games.  We spent all of that Saturday testing games.  Hours and hours.  It was brilliant.

And then Indiana had to go and do that shitty thing where they said it was okay to not serve the gays. Well, they're wrong.  It's not okay.  So...we're skipping it.  And it's KILLING ME!

It's also saving me hundreds of dollars that I'm sure I'll be glad I have at some point, but right now it's *cue fainting couch* KILLING ME!

Anyone know if the federal recognition of gay marriage has done anything to nullify that stupid, stupid law?  Anyone else ACTUALLY putting their money where their mouth is and NOT going?  IT's exhausting, y'all.  Not eating at Chik-fil-A, not shopping at Hobby Lobby, not getting gas at Mobil, not going to GenCon.  The list goes on.  But it's important to me that  companies stop being bigoted assholes and get with the times.

And I know...whoop-de-do.  One customer.  Like they're even going to notice one missing among the thousands stuffing their faces and shopping carts.  But I'm hoping that by being an example and spreading the word, maybe it'll have an effect on just one more person.

You're not a horrible person for shopping where you do.  I'm not somehow better than you because I don't shop at these places or visit these events.  It's exhausting.  I'd much rather forget it all and just GO, SHOP, STOP ABSTAINING...but...I just can't.

Maybe by next year Indiana will get its shit together and we can once again revel in the glory that is GenCon.  I'll start saving now.



not given said...

Justin: I don't go to any of those places either. I have also prevented friends from going. It is making a difference or they wouldn't be so defensive. I don't have patience either but it is better. Even if marginally.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Thanks! I appreciate knowing I'm not in it alone.