Friday, July 8, 2011

Remember When I Got Fired? case you're new here, back in February of 2010 I lost my job at National City (now PNC). Why? Well, a stupid-ass old lady brought in a fake $25,000 checks, and I did what I was trained to do with it. Then I was fired for doing what I was trained to do. Then I was denied unemployment because they said I violated a known policy. Bastards.

But today is a happy day! I don't normally celebrate other people's hardships, but this...well...

Casey Anthony might have gone free, but this bitch got justice served on a hot plate. I went in to work earlier this week and saw the police report from the newspaper taped to the vault. And guess what? Phyllis Johnson, 82, was arrested for money laundering.

Apparently she got so deep into the scam that they recruited her to help them scam other people. And then? She got caught. The police warned her that if she did it again, she'd be arrested. She did it again. She got arrested.

Justice, people. What goes around really DOES come around.



Bryan Ochalla said...

Ah, that's *great* news! You're going to celebrate with bubbly tonight, right??

Adorably Dead said...

I love justice! :D

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Yes. And, me, too.