Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A to Z...

What's going on, blog world? Anything exciting?

Me either.

I don't feel like it's worth it to blog about my new chapstick or finally having some money for the first time since November began. Other than that, though...we finally got some snow. Winter is here, although who knows for how long. With our luck, probably until June. But...anywho...

Anyone want to peek at my playlist?

A to Z:

A. Anonanimal - Andrew Bird

B. Ballroom Blitz - Sweet

C. Change - Blind Melon

D. Dust in the Wind - Kansas

E. Electric Twist - A Fine Frenzy

F. Fat Bottom Girls - Queen

G. Gold Dust Woman - Fleetwood Mac

H. Hate on Me - Glee Cast

I. If It Kills Me - Jason Mraz

J. Jumper - Third Eye Blind

K. Keep Young and Beautiful - Annie Lennox

L. Let's Get on a Plane Today - Planning the Rebellion

M. Mercy on Me - Christina Aguilera

N. Not About Love - Fiona Apple

O. Our Finest Hour - Philmore

P. Pull Shapes - The Pipettes

Q. Quicksilver - Roper

R. Rumor Has It - Adele

S. Shattered - Rolling Stones

T. Tonight - Cazwell

U. Uptown Girl - Billy Joel

V. Voodoo Doll - Fergie

W. Wallet - Regina Spektor

X. X-Ray - John Reuben

Y. Yummy - Gwen Stefani

Z. Zak and Sara - Ben Folds

This might be my favorite playlist ever...It's such a shame that it won't fit on a CD, or I would listen to it CONSTANTLY in the car. That's where I do my heavy listening. My best listening happens in the car. It always has. Some day I'm going to write about all the amazing listening that has gone on in cars...

Despite having no interest whatsoever in cars past making sure they run, a surprisingly hefty chunk of important conversations have taken place in cars. They're my temple, I think...the place where I work out problems, confess, and scrape up the ruins before driving home to start building again.

Anywho, find these songs. I endorse them all.



Bryan Ochalla said...

Ah, I was going to ask you yesterday if you'd given up on your blog. I'm glad to discover you haven't :)

Anyway, that's quite a playlist. Any playlist with Adele, Annie Lennox, Fiona Apple and Regina Spektor gets a thumbs up in my book.

Also, I agree wholeheartedly about the best place to listen to music is in the car. It's one of the main reasons I with I could drive to work again -- I used to live for listening to music on my drove to and from work.

Oh, well. Maybe I should just invest in a cheap iPod and go on more walks or something :P

Argent said...

Awww, I wanna hear about the chapstick! Seriously, though, I think January is such a blah month it's hard to find interesting things to blog about. Your playlist looks interesting - lot of artists I've never tried out, so might just go and prepare to be amazed.

I don't have a car but if I did, it would need to have a decent sound system in it as I'm sure I'd do lots of solitary listening and thinking in there.