Thursday, January 5, 2012

Welp...Here We Are...

It's 2012. This could be our last year on Earth. I highly doubt that it is, but you know there's that little voice at the back of my head that says "What if?" It's always there. It always asks the same two word question about every situation every day. I mostly ignore it, know.

Anywho, what do people do at the start of the year? They reminisce!

Last year started pretty rockily. I wasn't sure about a lot of major things in my life, but they all tended to work themselves out. Who am I kidding? I worked them out. I need the credit for that. So there. Through heartache and drama, we've come a long way. We took a road trip to Virginia, saw some great friends, went to the gay rodeo, hosted some parties...I read some great books and lots of poetry...Hell, I read Infinite Jest, a feat I'm coming to realize is something that a lot of people don't make it through. So that's cool. And the year ended beautifully!

What else do people do at the start of a year? They set some goals!

Well, I have three.

1. Work out every day. So far, so good.

2. Write every day, or every week day...or at least create something every day. It's time to be more creative. So far? Well...I missed the first two days, but things have only gone well from there on out. There are some books I'd like to get to help me along in this endeavor. Maybe if I ever get out from under this Christmas-induced poverty, I'll buy them!

And finally...

3. Don't be afraid to try new things. This one should really read something like, "Don't be so attached to the old things that you don't even consider taking a chance on something new." So far? Well...I tried some new menu items. I think I'd like to try some new recipes (Robb's doing a backflip reading that, I'm sure). And I have a new hair style. And as soon as I can get a picture of it, I will share it here.

That's one good thing about the iPhone! I have a working camera again! And I can actually share photos now!!!'s to 2012 being the best year ever--even if it is the last!



Bryan Ochalla said...

Well, I certainly hope 2012 won't be our last -- or, if it is, it all ends quickly and painlessly. I have a pretty good feeling you'll be writing another of these posts this time next year, though, assuming you're still blogging :)

I don't have any resolutions or goals myself. Well, other than to try to stay in the present a bit more than I usually do. Oh, and get out of my comfort zone a bit more, especially as it relates to work.

Anyway, happy 2012 to you and Robb, Justin. Hopefully this year will be the best one for us all :)

Viewtiful_Justin said...