Friday, December 13, 2013


If feels nice to get away from the same old cares.  This one is a vacation for me.  Nothing serious.  Nothing even remotely [word].  My brain is broken.

12.13  For Gloria

You tell me to get up
and also to make it happen
but without the sole-shaped cut outs
I haven’t a place to start

yet you moves on
imploring me to get up
to move oh a oh
and to stand from my spot

it will not happen, señorita,
the involuntary rise from chair
to miraculous movement
orchestrated by your words

like possession
like the rhythm, in fact,
did what it threatened to do
and made it happen

it’s not that I don’t appreciate
the encouragement and suggestion
but lady, today is a day for sitting
and you are not helping the cause.



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