Saturday, December 21, 2013

Presented Without Comment...

12.16  Break

He stared at me 
from across the kitchen
startled from under my feet
and confused at my fall
at the crash
at the shards of porcelain
that spread out from
the point of impact
like some parking-lot comet
at the world’s least impressive mall
and only one person on the staff
responsible for addressing the Christmas cards
and issues of safety and cleanliness 
like this broken water dish
and the small tabby paws 
that might not wish to find
a tiny dagger of what was
lodged in his favored kneading paw.


12.17  Lapham Service Hall

This foggy village
clogging my arteries
veins choked with pedestrians
lingers after clear day breaks
from the concrete of sky
and leaves everyone 
but between the supermarket
aisles and the library 
stacks a whole world of
mistrust and loss linger
words of hope in corners
where a rough breeze has
deposited them
no interest
no rollover
and in the town square
a squire
shouts proclamations never meant
for public consumption
though he can’t see a single soul
which belongs to the footfalls
echoing from town hall
to the trailer park
ignoring the dripping foliage
that shivers inside
this red cage.


12.18  Broken Habit

This discarded square
sliced from life’s grid
and tossed aside
in favor of something
with more impact
more clout

and glued up days later
with a wish and a wad
of spearmint gum
complete with filling
unmoored like habit
of posting
and talking.


12.19  Don’t Say It

Your name on the lips
of other men might draw
a glance but nothing more
and yet
coming from this mouth
could start a war
no matter how mangled
the misspeech.


12.20  Entropy

Through the broken blinds
hanging askew in this winter haze
fog fingering bare limbs
leaving the slimy trail
of intentions ill thought
and consequences parked
across the street
like a flower delivery van
that stays for days
until everything inside must be wilted
and the floor littered with petals
that drop
from he loves me not
he loves me
he loves me not

despite everything I ruin
in his name
and in the name of years
passing on this landing
of the world’s longest staircase
and where in God’s name
is the food court in this mall?


12.21  Lament

never mine
and certainly not his
are the carpet
of this cell
I have built
screwing in bars until
the complete circle
leaves nothing unbroken
by a sight of iron
which does nothing to cut
the wind that steals
every hope from my mouth.


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