Friday, November 27, 2009


You'd be surprised how dead the bank is the day after Thanksgiving. I figured it would be so busy with people cashing checks and taking out money for sales. Instead, it's just slow.

Thanksgiving with the boy and my family was wonderful, and if I weren't at work, I'd have a smile plastered on my face from pie and wine and homemeade chocolate chip cheesecake (I made it--first time ever. It was soooo easy; have I mentioned this already?) and cranberry stuffing. Oh man. Good food and good times. Playing New Super Mario Bros Wii with Robb and my sister made for a fun, curse-filled evening.

And now I am fat on chocolate cream pie and turkey. Or...I will be once I get to go home for lunch. Damn late employees slowing me down from taking my lunch. BAH!

But even that can't keep the smile off my face.



Argent said...

Keeeep smiling!!

Adorably Dead said...

Seconding what Argent said. :p