Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Eww. I got shivers just typing that.

If you could check the backlog of my dreams, you'd see that there is a sort of archetype that my brain goes back to on a fairly regular basis. I am minding my own business, whether inside or out, and I see a bug, a snake, or something else alive and particularly unnerving. I go to examine it, and it disappears. Then, I turn to look for it and find that the entire area that I occupy in my dream is CRAWLING with them. More and more all the time, until I wake up in a panic.

And this is what my brain does to me while I sleep. Last night, however, there was a new wrinkle to this tired plot.


Seriously. I was in a house with white walls, possibly our old house from ten years ago. There was a single small centipede on the wall, like a little armored train with legs instead of wheels. And then there were two, and four, and more than I could count. I went to check out two that were on a wall, and they were gone. I took a step backward, and I heard a crunch.

Eww. Immediately I was freaking out because I'd stepped on a centipede...but when I turned around, it was a pile of potpourri I had stepped on. And we all laughed about it (who else? I dunno...) while the centipedes scurried all over the walls and carpet around us.

So, thank, brain, for concocting that little niblet of fun in all the horrifying creepy-crawliness.



Bryan Ochalla said...

Ha ha! Too funny that your brain decided to throw in the bit about the potpourri. How random is that?!?

Argent said...

Hahah - I'm smiling just imagining the scene! "Little armoured train with legs" is a great description. Our brains are crazy! Someone I once worked with dreamt she had sex with our boss - and actually told him! Needless to see, she was never allowed to live it down.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Oof. That's embarrassing. Wow. I once dreamt I made out with my lit professor from college...who was a woman. That was a confusing night.