Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Serously, Target? Seriously?

Check this article out:  Target Paints Bullseye With Anti-Gay Contributions.

I'm getting sick of my favorite stores being dumbasses about equal rights.  Now where do we shop?!




David said...

I dunno. The article doesn't say who else Target contributed to in this campaign, or who else they donated to in the past. We should get those facts first before joining a boycott.

f8hasit said...

That's just SO very odd to be supporting opposite causes! As if they thought no one would notice?

Maybe it's just too many people that aren't communicating doing their marketing. Too bad Target. I thought they had it more together...


Argent said...

I'm not sure any of our big chain stores here would want to admit supporting anti-gay causes - the 'pink pound' is quite strong and to courted rather than alientated.