Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Getting Married...

First, to answer your questions:

No, it's not legal in llinois.

No, he didn't propose.

No, we're not going to Iowa or California or any other state to make it happen.

I was just thinking about it, and we were talking about it in the car again. I always get stuck on the colors. His favorite color is purple. My favorite color is green. My second favorite is orange. None of which make good combinations. So...I dunno. I'm stuck there. I thought maybe we could do black and white with an accent color. That's still pretty high in the running, but then you run into the problem of what the accent color would be and why.

It's all so messy.

Destination wedding? No. I already put the axe to that one. I don't want people to have to pay or go WAY out of their way to be there. I'd like everyone I love to be at my wedding.

In my wedding? Well...that's another sticking point. There's one person I know I want to be IN my wedding (besides Robb, of course), and that's David, to play the organ/piano/whatever. But as far as bridesmaids and groomsmen...even the terminology isn't right. What do you call them? Attendants? Groomsmen and groomsmen? But they're not going to be men, largely. Robb doesn't really have that many close guy friends. And I can't decide who I'd want up there with me. I wouldn't want anyone to feel left out...

Best man? Maybe my brother? I dunno...

Being that its a gay wedding, I think that there are people who may not feel comfortable attending or being IN it. My brother is in the Army. Would he want to be in a gay wedding? I'd like to think he would be in my wedding no matter WHO I was marrying, as long as they treated me right. But, I dunno.

How do you pick who will be in your photos for all of time? Hell, I can't even decide on a COLOR!



Emily said...

head to the paint store and start pulling color cards. every one you like, every saturation. take them home and play with them. something will sing out.

green and orange in the right shades can be very spring-like: wildflowers and fresh grass...lime sorbet and mimosas. splashes of purple...grapes and butterflies.

as for the people who stand with you: they are your family, blood or chosen.

It will happen when it's right for you. Good luck.

Argent said...

Having no colour perception, I can't advise on colour. Who include? Who can you absolutely NOT do without? You have to ask your bro about best man, I think, even if he doesn't want to. Give him the chance to say no gracefully, just in case.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Yeah. True true, both of you.