Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Longer Weekends, Please!

So, I got a three-day weekend. I know...it's rare for me, too. But I did. And into that weekend we packed a wedding, church, writing group, a baseball game, and a meal at my mom's house. It was a full weekend!

Through it all I was fighting. Relentlessly. With an inanimate object.

At one point, I almost threw my camera out the window of the car as we crossed over a bridge outside of Peoria. My arm was drawn back, the memory card was in my hand, and I was ready to throw. They talked me out of it.

Every time I turn it on, there's a zoom error. If I pinch the front of the camera and turn it on, it's fine. And sometimes it zooms but doesn't re-focus. And sometimes it doesn't zoom at all, even though the display is telling me it's zoomed. And sometimes, rarely, it works just fine and gives me beautiful, perfect photos.

Key word: rarely.

So, yeah...I'm ready for a new one, but on my list of things that are more important are my teeth, an iPod touch, and, of course, my bills. The odds of getting a new camera before Christmas? Not bloody likely.


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Bryan Ochalla said...

Sorry to hear it, Justin. Hopefully the camera will fix itself soon or you will find yourself with a little windfall that'll allow you to both pay your bills and buy a new camera :)