Friday, February 4, 2011

Disappearing Act...

Remember how they discontinued my hair product?

Remember how they sold my apartment complex?

Remember how every time I find something I like, (yogurt, tv show, shaving cream, pen) they cancel it?

I just found out yesterday that my dentist, the only dentist I've ever regularly gone to and liked, stopped practicing in Sycamore because it was too far from home.

It's a fucking conspiracy. I'm just going to stop talking about things I like, since someone is hearing this and sending smoke signals to the universe. *poof* Cancel *poof* everything!


Does this happen to any of you as often as it does to me?



Bryan Ochalla said...

So, he's not practicing *anywhere* any longer, or did he move his practice? Either way, though, that sure sucks.

I don't think this "disappearing act" happens to me as much as it happens to you. I don't think it means you're cursed or anything, though -- just unlucky.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

He practices in Naperville, now...which is about an hour away from me. LAME.