Wednesday, February 23, 2011


No, not the Jewish holiday. I mean...pass over. Being passed over.

They told me on Friday right before I left that we were getting a new lead teller at work. The woman is transferring from a branch where she left because she didn't get along with anyone there. Another gay employee had complaints that she treated him incredibly unfairly. And now she's going to be our lead teller. So...what's the problem?

Well. I've been passed over again.

A woman I work with has been doing the lead teller schtick and not getting paid for it for three years. She was told that our branch didn't HAVE a lead teller position. I have been working part-time for 9 months-ish because I was told there wasn't another full-time position at this branch.

This stranger is hired in as BOTH the lead teller that we supposedly don't have, AND as a fifth full-time employee that we supposedly don't have.

It's the perfect way to make EVERYONE feel slighted! Good job, job.



Bryan Ochalla said...

Yikes. So, not only have you been passed over, but you've been passed over by someone who sounds like a jerk? Ugh. Maybe she won't get along with anyone in your office either and they'll get rid of her -- and then you can take her place! (I know, I'm a bad person.)

Emily said...

SUCK. On all fronts. SUCK. sorry, dude :-(