Thursday, February 19, 2009

Headline News and the Anti-Snub...

So, at church last night I decided to put some of my readers' advice into practice. We got to the sharing of the peace, and I made my way around the church, shaking hands and giving hugs to everyone. There was a bottleneck in one of the corners, and I got stuck behind a guy who was shaking everyone's hand. I was ready to head back to my seat, but I saw that if I skipped out of this traffic jam, I'd be skipping Jake (the snubber from earlier) entirely. I decided to stick it out, look him right in the eye, and shake his hand, offering God's peace.

I held out my hand, and he shook it, making eye contact for a millionth of a second before looking away--WAY away. I just confidently shook his hand and went back to my seat, smiling the whole way. Am I the bigger man in this situation? It would appear so, for once.

In other news, I stumbled across the truest headline I've ever seen in the NIU newspaper.

Truer words were never printed. Well, okay, so maybe there was a little more to this headline than I'm showing you, but they could have stopped there and no one would have argued.



Andrew Engelhardt said...

Justin, I thoroughly enjoyed your blog, that is, until I reached your newspaper clipping - horrible. And as far as no one arguing, that is certainly wrong. How could such things be said about the greatest sport in the world?

Anyway, I imagine there was a post that I should have read before this one (the reference to "snubber from earlier") but how sad it is when the passing of peace is not a time of reconciliation, but a time of harboring resentful feelings. Blessings to you as you offer this man God's peace, and your own.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Hey, thanks! I knew I'd get some blowback on the hockey thing. And, honestly, I don't really feel strongly about it either way. But I thought it was a fairly unfortunate way to start a headline.