Friday, May 29, 2009

Our Song...

So, I'm trying really hard to focus on positives lately. I'm willing my life into the positive. And if you know me, you know that's hilarious. I'm not New Age-y at all. But I've been reading a blog called "Five Rules to Life," and almost anyone who has anything remotely true to say says that if you focus on the positives, you'll be happier.

It's pretty self-explanatory. So, I'm working on it.

Prepare for a happier blog. OR a colossal meltdown. Whichever.

Anywho, that wasn't the original intention of this post.

What I was going to say is that THIS GUY:


Do not have a song. Never have. And or those of you not in the know, that's me in the first photo and the boy in the second. The more you know...

We've talked about this topic several times, and we can never come close to resolving this issue. I think the closest song we have to an "Our Song" is "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds.

But he thinks the closest we have to our song is "Lady in Red" by Chris de Burgh

No. I say no to that one. We both like that song, but it's not our song.

My question to you is as follows: How does one go about getting a song?

Also, do you and your significant other have a song? What is it? And why?




Adorably Dead said...

Cute pictures. I always heard that the first song you heard as a couple or whatnot was suppossed to be your song, kind of sucks for those of us in long distance relationships.

I did however vote that me and mine's song be The Cure's Love Song. He told me to wait to pick a song....I am now confused as to his intentions.

Just pick something you both like that reminds you of your relationship.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Yeah...that's the hard part.

A human kind of human said...

I'm afraid our song is not very romantic. It's come with us through thick and thin for the past 32 years and perfectly describes our relationship. It is The Peacemaker by Albert Hammond (probably long before your time.

Stan said...

I no longer have a partner, but my song has always been Rodgers/Hart My Funny Valentine.

"Your looks are laughable
Yet your my favourite work of art

Is your figure less than greek
Is your mouth a little weak
When you open it to speak
Are you smart?"

Yep that's me! LOL!

Viewtiful_Justin said...

That's cute.

Kathy said...

Walk Like an Egyptian by the Bangles.

That was our first dance at our wedding. He walked in one side and I the other. Then we got the entire audience up. Of all our friends... and they all admit this is true and not just boasting... we had the best wedding reception. EVERYONE... and I mean all the way up to Dave's Auntie E at >80 years was up dancing to the song.

Argent said...

Oddly enough, my other half and I don't have a song, but I and a completely platonic friend of many years and myself do: Perfect Day by Lou Reed. Deliberately and with malice aforethought, one of us would sing it to the other, knowing full well it would get lodged in their brain for the day. Happy times!

Melissa Blake said...

OMFG, I love Lady In Red. It's always been one of my favorite songs! You should hear me sing it.

Just M said...

We actually have two songs. One that we danced to at our wedding which I LOVE and another that we both love just as much.

Our wedding song was "So High" by John Legend. Amazing song. You should listen to it.

Our other one is a country song. It's actually called "Living our love song."

We love music and find new songs all the time. It's the way they make you feel any given day.

Faux Trixie said...

Our song is "Thank You" by Led Zeppelin. We both really dig the band, and the lyrics describe that kind of love that transcends all. We've already decided if we get married, that's the first dance. The lyrics may become tattoos too.

Matthew said...

'Lady in Red' is a perfectly acceptable couples song. I love it.

My 2nd ex and I used the first song we danced to as 'our song.'

My 1st ex and I didn't have a song and we were together 5.5 years.

The idea of 'our song' only exists if it happens along... it can't be thought through.


Viewtiful_Justin said...

Thanks for the input. I agree with the notion that a song can't just be DECIDED on.

And thanks to Kathy's story, now Robb wants "Walk Like an Egyptian" to be our song.