Monday, May 11, 2009

We Don't Watch TV...

Stop gasping.

Breathe. It's not the end of the world.

I'm going to tell you again, and I want you not to panic.

We. Don't. Watch. Television.

Seriously. I'm not up on American Idol. I don't watch Bones. We're not itching for a brand new CSI. And I haven't seen a What Not To Wear marathon in years. Is that even still on?

I used to be a TV junkie. I could sit and watch Bravo all day long, My DVR was always full of stuff I missed while I was at work: Seven episodes of Kathy Griffin's My Life on the D List, three of What Not To Wear, the newest Simpson's episode right about this month's big new movie channel movie. I could waste an entire Saturday just sitting on the couch feeling worthless and not doing anything about it while I was entertained. Mythbusters? I was learning. What Not To Wear? Educating myself on style. Pushing Daisies? Okay, that was just fun.

Then I moved. Comcast is the only cable prvider in the area, and I can't afford to foot an exorbitant cable bill. And before you tell me about Dish Network or DirecTV, I can't afford them, either. So, we don't watch TV. And you know what? I don't miss it.

We use our TV for playing video games and watching DVDs (or television on DVD such as Will and Grace, MXC, Third Rock from the Sun, and Animaniacs, to name a few). But we don't watch anything current. When people in my life ask me about a show, I tell them I don't watch TV. And they are ALWAYS. SHOCKED. And then I have to convince them that I'm not some freak of nature with a million books all over the walls (I WISH!) and a monocle.


I am a normal human being. I know what's out there (aside form new movies...I tend to not find news about them anywhere but blogs). I just don't watch it. News? NPR gives me that. Entertainment? Try reading a book. Stemming boredom? Magainzes, word puzzles, video games, and for God's sake, GOING OUTSIDE!

It's all good. There is no need for alarm. We live perfectly well adjusted lives. We just don't watch television.



Argent said...

You cannot imagine how much I envy you for not watching TV. My other half is a real TV junky and has 2 Sky boxes (satellite receivers with built-in hard-drives) and a DVD recorder (also with hard drive). These are in the living room. He records just about everything and when he fills up the hard drives, he copies things to DVDs. There are not enough hours in a person's life to watch it all. The thing that annoys me though is that when I come home from work tired, I get sucked into watching several hours of TV too and end up, as you say, feeling worthless. how I wish I could ditch TV.

Emily said...

I get that look, too. I watch Gossip Girl, Weeds, and the Daily Show streaming online and the rest is what's on DVD and up next on our netflix queue.

I actually don't understand people who can watch many many hours of television on days when they're not sick or otherwise in physical pain and therefore feel best on the couch.

That going outside/reading a book thing is seriously underrated.


Adorably Dead said...

If only my siblings could come to your conclusion about TV. I think that's pretty much all they do. And you should so get a monocle.

Lea said...

We are DVD tv watchers as well.

When people exclaim over all the stuff I do, howdoyoueverhavetime, I say, I don't watch tv. And yeah, jaws drop. It's disturbing.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Amen. And Amen.