Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Longest Week...

Sunday night, Robb and I were talking on the way home from our Gay Christian Men's Group (that's the title...not so catchy. I kind of want to kick myself in the face every time I say it...), and he said to me, "It's gonna be a long week."

"Why?" I asked, probably arching an eyebrow.

"Avenue Q is on Friday!"

We're going to see the show this Friday! HOORAY! You may recall the "adult sesame street" videos I posted a while back...that's from the show. Amazing stuff! I'm so excited. But I didn't agree that the week would feel long. I figured it would race by like all my weeks.

Then I got the phone call that I start work on Monday! Now the week really is dragging...especially with the last Campus Ministries church service of the year tonight, summer volleyball starting tomorrow along with caramel cashew custard at Ollie's, and Mother's Day on Sunday (which I finally got a gift for at Goodwill).

It seems like the end of a chapter in my life...a short chapter, but a chapter nonetheless. I was unemployed, going to church on Wednesday nights, and not having anything to do on Thursday nights...and waiting anxiously for this show. Now, after Sunday, I'll be starting a new of ties and shirts, of money and sales goals, of Thursday nights in the sand and Wednesday nights at home...

This, too, shall pass.



Bryan Ochalla said...

Sounds like a long week *and* a great week. Good for you!

Viewtiful_Justin said...


Greg said...

Hope you enjoyed the show!