Monday, May 17, 2010

Wearing a Tie...

[insert photo of me in a tie which I can't seem to find and might not actually have here]

So, I've been conducting an experiment since I started job hunting. Whenever I'm out and I'm wearing a tie, I pay close attention to how I'm treated. It's extremely interesting, when compared to how the same people treat me when I'm wearing street clothes.

Now that I'm wearing a tie to work every day, I've been being treated SO MUCH BETTER by everyone around me. It makes me want to wear a tie everywhere I go. Service is better. People are more polite. And best of all, I feel like a million bucks!

And here I thought wearing a tie every day would make me feel like a tool. Guess not!



Emily said...

I think people should start dressing up regularly again. Not corsets, pearls, and heels/3 piece suits every day - but a tie to the office and keeping juicy sweats as in-home wear only.

Good for you for raising the bar!

And think of the accessorizing you can do now! Bring on the cuff links!

Bryan Ochalla said...

Very interesting, though I'm not really surprised. You definitely affect an air of class when you wear a tie these days -- esp. if you're young. Anyway, I'm glad you aren't minding that aspect of the job so far!

Kathy said...

Milk that tie! It has to be good for something!!

Here is something related.

This study made me cry... It was found that in the Fortune top 100 companies, women who wore higher heels got paid more. Yes... correlation does not mean causation... I'm clinging to that. But still...


Argent said...

It just goes to show how much appearance metters - even sub-consciously - I guess. If you felt better with the tie you might also have appeared more confident and commanding and this may also have influenced people's treatment. I personally hate dressing up (our office is comfortably casual Hooray!).

Viewtiful_Justin said...

I normally hate dressing up, too...what's the point?!

But...this is a nice change.