Friday, May 14, 2010


Our bank abbreviates everything, apparently.  So everyone was talking about CAD.  And I was like, "Computer Aided Drafting?"

No, no, no.

Customer Appreciation Day!  It's the second Friday of each month, and we provide breakfast, lunch, and a snack in the afternoon.  It's apparently quite a spread! 

They keep telling me how well this bank feeds its employees (and customers) sounds too good to be true!  Anywho, I'm skipping breakfast at home in favor of having something there.  Oh, and I get to attend my first sales meeting today...sort of as a fly on the wall, just to see how it works. 

So it should be interesting...and tonight?  I'm going to see Andy Davis with my friend Sabrina on her birthday!  We try to see him every time he comes to Chicago.  Check him out:

He's awesome...and kind of hot.



Argent said...

They feed you? Cool! Andy Davis video was very pleasant indeed.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Thanks! And yes! Well!!!

Bryan Ochalla said...

Hey, it's always great when an employer feeds it employees and its customers. Hope you had a great Friday!