Monday, June 21, 2010


Apparently my MacBook bliss has a few strings attached. Dang.

I have to be an employee of the bank for 60 days before I'm eligible. That makes sense, I guess. So, what did I do after I found that out? I got out my trusty calendar and I counted starting from May 11th, just to be safe (I started on the 10th). So...on July 9th I'll be eligible. I added an extra day to be, really, I guess I could order my new computer as early as the 12th of July, since I have to tell them what I want and wait for them to deposit the money into my account. They tell me that's pretty much immediate. And then? I order it from Apple and wait...

Free 24 hour shipping, though? Sweet.

It's currently I think I should probably go. Is it safe to shower during a lightning storm?


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