Thursday, March 17, 2011


Well, I did it. I put money down on a Nintendo 3DS last night. Now I just have to wait until the 27th...or midnight on the 26th.

It's not so much the gimmicky 3D that I'm looking forward to. I mean, that's gonna be awesome, even though I don't love 3D movies. No glasses required for this! And...when I already constantly wear one pair, who wants to wear two? I one wants to be called "six eyes".

So it's on its way, I guess. A little over a week, and I'll be the proud owner of yet another Nintendo system. And since I'm trading in my lovely, trustworthy, reliable Nintendo DS Lite (shh...don't tell it...I haven't broken the news yet), it will be $50 cheaper. Great.

I have mixed feelings about that, though. I love my DS's been here for me for almost five years. It's a great little system. But the 3DS does everything the DS does (expect play Game Boy Advance games...but I already own a GBA), and more. It's a trade-up. I just can't help but feeling a little trading in a pet for one you like a little more.

Why do I feel that way about an inanimate object? I'm broken.

Have you ever felt that way?



Bryan Ochalla said...

First of all, congratulations! Which color are you going to get (assuming you get to choose)?

I can't wait to hear what you think about it.

As for trading in your DS Lite: Awww :( I understand why you did it, but I also understand why you hated doing it.

I traded in my NES to buy a SNES back in the day, and after that experience I vowed to never do it again.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Oof. That's sad, considering the SNES isn't backwards compatible.

I have had several talks with friends of mine, and I think I've decided NOT to trade in my DS Lite, since the 3DS has a 3-5 hr. batter life, and the DS Lite has a 13-15 hr. battery life. If I'm going to be playing DS games, I might as well do it on this one, right?

Seems reasonable to me.

And...I'm getting the blue one, no contest.

Adorably Dead said...

I have completely felt that way...I get odd attachments to my objects sometimes.

I've heard that the 3D isn't worth it though from a couple of people. So I will look forward to when you blog about your 3D experience :p

Bryan Ochalla said...

Oh, I'm glad you've decided against trading it in. Sure, the 3DS plays DS games, but like you said, the DS offers better battery life, etc.

Anyway, I, too, look forward to reading your impressions of the system in general and of Pilotwings Resort!

Viewtiful_Justin said...

@ Adorably - I hope they're wrong. It's not so much the 3D I'm getting it for, though. I don't want to be left out of Nintendo handheld gaming, since it's been dynamite the past few years. And, I'll be able to download titles from the DSi shop, too. That's a HUGE draw for me.

@Bryan - I think I'm about 95% sure I'm not trading it in. Although, Robb's got one, I trade mine in, I can still use his on long trips...