Monday, August 15, 2011

Infinite Jest...

I started reading David Foster Wallace's book Infinite Jest the other day.

Let me go back...

I have never seen this book in a physical form. I've only looked at it on Amazon and Goodreads. Our library doesn't have a copy, so I requested one through inter-library loan. When the email comes to tell me it's in, I go pick it up. HOLY JESUS! THIS THING IS A DOOR STOP!'s 1079 pages. Some of the footnotes have their own footnotes. And it's fiction, for crying out loud.

This book, seriously, people, is going to take me MONTHS to get through. And I'm a pretty fast reader! But here's the thing...some chapters are margin-to-margin with no dialogue for ten pages...and they're BIG pages with small text. This is the book I've been training for all my life! Bring it on.

So far, it's interesting, but not compelling. There's a lot of talk of drugs. There are chapters with characters I haven't identified yet, characters that seemingly don't have names. And so I'm trying to piece it together...but...I'm just gonna keep lugging along until I finish it.

Has anyone read it?


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