Friday, August 12, 2011

Schedule Mishaps...But...Not Really...

I was working hard, trying to change my work schedule so I could do what I wanted to this month. I was trying to switch a Saturday with any coworker who would switch with me, since it would mean I could skip Market Days (which I wasn't feeling that into this year) and go where we really wanted to go.

So I ask around, and I get no bites. I look at the schedule and think about putting a call out to all the tellers. And then I get on Facebook yesterday morning and see that Market Days is actually THIS that means that next weekend I'm free. And next weekend?

Is the ILGRA gay rodeo.

THE GAY RODEO, y'all!!

No, really. It's amazing. We missed it last year because...well...we missed everything last year. Last year sucked. But this year! We're so going. We went two years ago, and it was super fun. I'm not even into rodeo, honestly, but we thought it nothing else, it'd be a great reason to wander around and check out some cute cowboy butt. But seriously, we SO enjoyed ourselves. The people there were so friendly and amazing, and the actual rodeo was SO FUN!

Oh...and the Windy City Cowboys were there performing, which was neat. You might remember them from my coverage of the pride parade. I don't know if they're there this year, but still...worth going.

We're so excited! And I didn't have to change my schedule to get what I want, for once!


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