Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Right Foot Saga...

So, a few weeks ago I dropped an airbake cookie sheet on my right foot. That doesn't sound like it would hurt, but our sheets are way heavy and are shaped kind of like a guillotine blade. Oh, and it fell directly on the bone right at the base of my big toe. It hurt like a bitch and cut a big gash in my foot.

That was healing nicely for about a week when a few guys brought in $20,000 in quarters in five gallon buckets. After I ran it through the coin machine, my right ankle was way sore. I think I twisted it while moving buckets full of thousands of dollars in quarters. In total, it was a half-ton of quarters (2 rolls = $20 = 1 lb.) It stayed that way for several days, but I babied it until it felt better.

A few days ago I was dropping trou while using the toilet and I dropped my heavy-ass belt buckle RIGHT ON the spot where I'd dropped the cookie sheet. Apparently it wasn't all the way healed, judging from how hard I had to try to keep from crying while sitting on the toilet. Holy hurt. I thought maybe I was better, so Robb and I took a walk last night.

Not better. This morning both my foot AND my ankle hurt. Damn.

Guess it's back to limping again.



David said...

Do you at least have some form of rudimentary health care? Could you maybe go get some Percocet or something useful?

Bryan Ochalla said...

Well, jeez, sounds like this isn't your week -- or isn't your foot's week, at the very least. Hopefully you didn't break any bones in your foot during that initial "cookie sheet" incident :\

Viewtiful_Justin said...

I have no health insurance, rudimentary or otherwise.

Bryan Ochalla said...

That sucks :( Hopefully the foot's feeling better??