Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Recent Fruit...

1.21  Legionnaire

what brought you here
to lay in shade
on the side of this dusty road

bleached bones
smile a response
words could not convey
of a life lived
a goal not realized
and yet

from his natural cage
sprouts flox and daisy
the hated hyacinth
bees’ feast paid for
with a note
a song thrummed
on drunken wings

an ode
epic in scale
scaled too high 
for ears of passers-by
all that bleached smile
would tell
as shade retreats
and sun continues
its flashbulb track
on the side of this dusty road.


1.22  Plow

Garden loam
rich with scent
of winter’s bounty
death’s decay
rudely upended
by steel interrupting
earthworm’s slumber

an alarm for Spring
cutting head from
ringed midsection
and creating
in its wake
two threads
Clothos must track
if she cares to
follow this innocent
to its writhing end.



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