Friday, January 24, 2014

Two For Today...

1.23  A Voice

This morning in the sky
a flying V of fowl
not at all the shape
normally reserved for
no no

this morning in the sky
they formed a B
honking as if 
to say 
nothing to see here
and carried on

their calls fell away
almost entirely before
another gaggle appeared
this one an E formed 
straight from printer’s row

and next came 
H and I stood
craning my neck at the horizon
while A and V passed by
followed by yet another E
or perhaps the same

as the song of their passing
faded from the sky
and I returned
to my front door.


1.24  Treasure Hunt

These wooden pieces
and their cardboard home
tucked away beneath
paper and ink decrees
secreted away
in the back of 
this old teak chest
is so much more
than just a game.



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