Monday, January 13, 2014


1.13  Chlorine Sore

You and the smell of 
freshly baked cookies
enticing us to move in
little knowing roaches
living inside the paneling
were listening to every word
salivating at the thought
of swarming the oven
once the lights went out

all we could dare to 
avoid eye contact with
were the square red 
patches on your arms
cracked and ringed with rime
and your conversation about 
too much chlorine in the pool
did I mention it has a pool
which my brain forever tied together
into a fear seen best
in the bathroom mirror
with its many lights
its cloistered vanity

where I urged the
redness not to appear
and that tiny concern
that engulfed my brain
to start growing if you please
since high school was 
as right around the corner
as Javi the Orkin man.



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