Monday, April 13, 2009

The Fabulous Adventures of Five and the Birthday Weekend...

My birthday weekend was super-fun. End of story.

Not really end of story, actually.

Friday night my family and Robb and I went out for Chinese at Yen Ching. Yum. And my mom decided that leftovers in their fridge would just sit there, so she sent me home with SEVEN chinese takeout boxes. Seven! We're down to five, I think. But we had lemon chicken, two plates of happy family, twice-cooked pork, and two plates of Hong Kong chicken steak...oh, and Yen Ching Fried Rice that my mom ALWAYS orders and NEVER eats. And now...we're out one happy family and one lemon chicken and one twice-cooked pork. Holy hell...rice is coming out my ears!

Oh, and speaking of being out one happy family, Sunday was a delight. Note sarcasm. We crashed at Robb's dad's house Saturday night after hanging out in Chicago with his friends Amy, Erin, and Cari and going to thrift stores and finishing at Nookie's for dinner and dessert. Sunday morning we got up and showered, got ready for church, and Robb's dad was making breakfast. Robb asked who was coming over for Easter dinner, and his dad said that hateful brother-in-law and sister were coming with their kids. We expected that.

What we DIDN'T expect was Robb's dad suggesting we leave before they got there, so as to avoid trouble. Because apparently one side of this disagreement can't be trusted to be civil to each other over Easter dinner (although he never said that specifically, it's what the message meant). And I don't really fault Robb's dad for saying that. He doesn't know what to do about this while situation any more than we do. He's just trying his best to keep everyone happy and, well, up to now, failing miserably at keeping us happy at all.

So...we were both pissed off, and we packed our bags and left before church or brunch or anything. His dad wanted us to stay then, positively pleaded for us to stay. But really, the damage had been done and the day had been tainted, so...Robb and I left.

I called my mom and asked if they were doing anything for Easter, and she said no until I told her what happened. And then we went over there and had a delicious steak dinner. So...something was salvaged out of this while mess.

Ugh. Crappy Easter.

And the worst part of it all is that Robb is so torn up about this. It just makes me sick to see him hurting.

So...yeah...until Sunday morning, my birthday weekend was amazing! Blah.



Lea said...

Robb's bil is just a shining example of Christianity.

Argent said...

What a rotten thing to happen. How is it that horrible brother-in-law if effectively allowed to dictate what goes on in the family? Someone should set him straight (yes, I know!) about a few things and tell him to keep his nastiness to himself. I really feel for Robb and all the other piggies-in-the-middle, but someone really needs to put b-i-l in his place. Happy belated Birthday anyway. Hope you got some nice loot.

angeladi said...

Happy late birthday. Sorry you had to deal with some inlaw suckiness!

La Motte Valois said...

Hey! How have you been lately? I just read that "read, Im gay". So am I. Im just passing to give you my new address: (some experimental photojournalism and some arts of mine). Hope you're all great over there. Here is getting so cold!!!! (read, Im in NZ).

Sina Grace said...

Happy birthday!!

Sorry for the poor ending :(

In other news: I accidentally spammed your most recent comment! It was in the middle of a dozen spammies, so I got clicker-happy! Please re-post so I can find out what you said!


Viewtiful_Justin said...

@ All Is Fair - I know, isn't he, though?

@ Argent - I'm not really sure what the deal is...but now Robb's sister is telling him she doesn't agree with is lifestyle, as if it has ANYTHING to do with her. Blah. This whole situation smacks of needless drama, and I hate needless drama.

@ cdietz37 - Thanks! I guess someone's gotta go through it. I've already been through that with my family, and the tree has been pruned back. I guess it may be time to get the shears out once again.

@ Motte - Nice to meet you! It's nice to know I'm not alone in the world. We're approaching Spring here, so the weather is getting nicer (theoretically) and the winter clothes are being put away in favor of sandals and shorts. Hooray!

@ Sina - Thanks! I think I fixed the problem.