Monday, April 27, 2009


Seriously, people. Don't talk to me about the swine flu. I want no part in the discussion about pandemics and pandemonium. Please. It's not going to balloon and kill millions. You won't get it and your neighbor won't get it. CNN will stop talking about it in two months at the most and then no one will think anything of it ever again.

First it was mad cow. No one got that.

Then SARS. No one got that.

Then West Nile. Some people got that but almost no one died.

And then the bird flu. No one got that, either.

And now this. And you know what? No one's going to get it.

So please. The sooner we all stop freaking out about this, the sooner the media will stop selling it to us. And then it will go away, because it's not actually a big deal.

In other news...I am having dental trouble yet again. Damn my inheritance of my mother's bad teeth!

I need a cavity filled. Does anyone know how much that costs?



Emily said...

The stuff that's going to get you will blindside you on a random Tuesday.

I can't help with the cavity. Feel better!

Unknown said...

Don't know about the cavity filling$$$. I bet you could call dentists in your area and get a price. Any dental clinics???
As for the swine flu...while you're not discussing it could you please wash your hands often, keep your hands away from your mouth, nose and eyes, and stay away from sick people?? Thanks, xxxxoooo

Argent said...

I hereby pronounce this post The Most Sensible Thing I've Read In Ages. Sorry about the tooth, non-NHS dentistry here costs an arm and a leg, NHS is OK but don't expect nice white fillings or anything like that.

jasmine said...

i toooootally agree with you! thank you for posting this. it calms my nerves and puts things in perspective. because, honestly, even though i know it's silly, it does scare me a little bit.

i have noooo idea how much it costs to have a cavity filled. mostly because i have been harboring one in one of my back molars for a couple years now (life without health insurance - sigh).

anyway, thanks for reading my blog! i think you are the first man EVER (besides levi, of course) to read my blog and actually leave a comment. :) i think that merits some sort of award.