Wednesday, December 23, 2009


So...apparently on the only day I have to (HAVE TO!!!) travel, we're getting ice.  A quarter of an inch of it.  And rain.  Three inches of it.  And cold.  That means flooding and ice.  Woot.  Christmas Eve I'll get to skate to my mom's house and hope I don't die, and Christmas night I'll get to swim back home and hope I don't drown.

I'm dreaming of a mild Christmas...

Speaking of that particular holiday:

I probably won't be back before then, so Merry Christmas, all.  I certainly hope your travels are safe and your moments are merry.  Consider this your Christmas card.

From all of us at Viewtiful_Justin, merry Christmas and best wishes for a great 2010! 

With holiday love,

Ho ho Out


David said...

Does the cat have a blog? Because that would be AWESOME!

Lea said...

Call your mom and tell her you can't come.

Then snuggle in with Robb and Marbles.

Just my suggestion.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

I would love that, actually...except Robb will leave for family stuff on Christmas Eve I'll be all alone. I'd rather brave the storm and be with family than be alone.

And David, the cat does not have a blog. If he did, it would read like this: "I'm hungry. I slept ALL DAY. And then Dad picked me up and took me into the bathroom with him. He stinks. And Mom yelled at me for biting, but she was playing with my feet, so what does she think I'd do?!"

Bryan Ochalla said...

Safe travels, Justin! Hope you and your family have a wonderfully merry Christmas!

Argent said...

Oh, I dunno, Marbles's blog still reads better than some I've come across. Ho ho ho Merry Christmas, my viewtiful friend, hi to Robb, hugs and strokes to Marbles.

Adorably Dead said...

Sorry for the ice. Merry Christmas hon'!