Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Music Talk

Top 5 Tuesday will resume. Just not this week. Work is eating my face. Moving on.

Does anyone else feel like that Owl City song on the radio sounds like it was written by a four-years-old boy at church camp? I think the lyrics are ridiculous and idiotic. Write a song that makes sense, Owl City. I think maybe I'm the only person who isn't absolutely gaga over them right now. Am I deficient? Maybe I've reached that age where new music isn't appealing anymore. But then, I've heard a few songs in the past few days that I've really much so that I added them to my Amazon Wish List.

That was a shameless plug, by the way.

But really...what's the appeal there? Is this one of those cases where the song on the radio is the worst song on the album or something...or are all their songs this ridiculous, lyrically?




Roia said...

Well, um, if it makes you feel any better, I've never even heard of Owl City. As such, you are definitely not the only person who isn't freaking out over them.

I have (maybe tragically, maybe not) finally reached an age where I sound like my own grandparents and spend any time I am forced to listen to the radio whining and kvetching and saying things like, "Uch, this is horrible!"


Adorably Dead said...

Eep, I like that song, lol. I haven't heard many of their other songs though. I just like that Fireflies puts me in this dreamy state. Which makes sense if you think about it since I did hear the song was about his insomnia.

I just think it's sweet and different. :p But their songs do all have really odd names though. I've had to take many a double take reading their song titles.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Fair enough, both. And Roia, I am getting there, too. I think about 75% of what I hear on the radio is crap. And I'm only 26.

Bryan Ochalla said...

I wouldn't call myself a fan of the song, but I think it's kinda cute. I also think the lyrics are supposed to sound kind of juvenile, since the song seems to be about dreams, etc.

Roia said...

Okay, so I got curious and went to listen to the song (I think) you've been talking about- Fireflies, yes? It wasn't horrible. But it's definitely got that late 2000s production thing going on, so it's virtually indistinguishable from any other dreck you hear on the radio. As a musician, I find it insane-making that the only way to even get one's music heard on the radio is to make it sound like every single other song on the radio. Blech!

Done with my whining now.

Argent said...

Well I was prepared to share your outrage, but I've just listened to the song and I'm sorry to say I rather liked it. Yes, it sounds similar to a lot of other stuff and will no doubt be used in an ad for mobile phones at some point, but it was kinda fun. Sorry.