Friday, December 18, 2009

It's FINALLY Friday!

Holy hell! All week I've been waiting and waiting and waiting and then waiting some more. My work schedule gave me two days off in them iddle of the week. One of them had me coming in for a mandatory security meeting and the other had me filling in for a sick employee. So much for a glorious two days off in a row.

Add to that the godawful hours I've been scheduled for...nine hours a day.

And then throw in the fact that I was waiting for my paycheck so I could finish Christmas shopping and the fact that I AM waiting for my new glasses to come in.

It's the perfect mix for the LONGEST WEEK OF MY LIFE!


But it's Friday and I've been paid. And a Blockbuster in town is going out of business and selling off their movies for $1.99 a piece at the most. I'm going after work. Hopefully there are still some left.

I only have five hours of work left today and five tomorrow.

And my glasses should be in, too.

And now, it's off to lunch!

Things are looking up, finally! And with any luck, after Saturday I'll be able to see it!



DecemberDreams87 said...

i lvoe reading this journal entry style. seems in teresting! i've had a long day too! ugh.

glad you are following my blog! enjoy my stuff? keep in touch and comment please! spread the word about



Argent said...

Fridays ROCK! Have a great weekend.