Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Getting to Know...ME!

So, I was going to post this a while back, but my motivation got flushed (along with my job security). So now I'm back, and hoping to fill you all in on a little bit about me that maybe you don't know.

Sure, we have our laughs and talk about me go-go dancing or whatever, but I realized that a lot of you don't know me.

Where to start?

I had pneumonia when I was 2 and almost died. My parents divorced when I was 6, and my mom remarried and we moved when I was...eh...8 or so, I think. We lived in the country on 3 acres. Hiking through cornfields at night was a pastime.

This is the problem with posts like this. I have a really hard time keeping any kind of a grasp on my own timeline. I need to write it down (or have my mom do it) so I have something to reference. Moving on.

I got glasses in second grade. My brother and I (he's 2 years older than me and in Iraq with the Army right now) visited my dad every other weekend from 6 on Friday to Sunday at noon. And on Wednesdays we saw him from...eh...6 until something. I don't really recall. I just remember eating a lot of ham patties. I can't look at them now without gagging. Alternate weekends were noon on Sunday to 6 pm.

When I was ten, my sister was born (really she's a half-sister, but we never look at her like that). My brother and I wanted a boy. He cried when it was a girl. Ha!

When I was in seventh or eighth grade I got bifocals. I have terrible eyes.

When my brother was 18 he joined the Army. Nothing else has improved our relationship more than that. I love my brother.

Random stuff: I don't eat beans (unless they're green beans).

I used to love mustard and now I hate it.

My first car was a 1988 Buick Century.

I used to be terrified that people would find out I was a Christian.

Then I embraced it and was terrified people would find out I was gay.

I came out for the first time to a friend of mine over IM. She was kind of destroying her life over me, and I should have done it sooner. I told my mom I was gay during an argument about money and how I wanted money but wouldn't tell her about my life and why I broke up with my girlfriend, etc. I told her I was gay and her face went to, "Oh, come on..." And then to "Oh my God!" and then to "Is it my fault?" She kept giving me hugs and telling me she loved me. Then she asks me, "Have you ever been attracted to a boy?" HA! I spent my whole life attracted to a boy.

And now I have one. On the 25th it will be 4 years that we've been together. We joke about how long those years have been and about what pains-in-the-ass we've been, but really, we love each other very much.

My dad and I stopped speaking about five years ago (six?) or so. It's a long story. Surprisingly, it had nothing to do with me being gay.

I'm sure I missed something.

Anything else you'd like to know?



Emily said...

along the lines of "hey, me too!"...I don't eat beans and I don't speak to my father...family dynamics are always so weird.

Two thumbs up for this post!

KellyMellyBoBellyBananaFanna said...

surprised about a few things! we have more in common than you'd guess. starting with the mustard...


Introvert, Introvert spread your wings and soar. said...

Hmm. I had pneumonia when I was 18 months old and also nearly died...I am allergic to black mold and was overly-exposed to it at the time.

I agree, it is a pretty good post.

Curiously introverted,

Bryan Ochalla said...

Ah, I love this kind of thing. Thanks for posting it :)

Congrats on being with your guy for nearly four years, by the way!

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Hey, thanks, all! Kelly, I'd love to know what else we have in common.

There was certainly more I wanted to say in this post, but my mind goes blank from time to time.

erin said...

Alls I knows is that I'm becoming more and more fond of you. :) I'm glad I stole you from Dan's page. Or ... umm ... you adopted me from Dan's page? However it worked, I likes it.

And yes! Congrats on the long term relationship. Those are tricky to find, hope it ends well. :) Wait ... I hope it doesn't end. Only that it stays well. Imperfectly perfect is what I like to call them.

Argent said...

I used to love beans but can't digest them properly - green ones excepted. My eyes are about as bad as they can be without actually being blind. I too was always terrified about people finding out I was a Christian and never embraced apart from a couple of occasions when I told people and one of them laughed me to scorn and the other broke off our friendship pretty quick after that. Hey ho.

Congrats on your 4th! Here's to many more!

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Thanks, thank and thanks, all!

Erin, you crack me up. "I hope it ends well." :-P

Mostlygrocery said...

Whoa Justin, you broke the news to your girlfriend like that? That's real cool with your mom though, that's the best thing you can want from a mother after telling her that, still loves you.