Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter Fun!

Just what I needed!  Some good old winter fun!  This weekend we went snow tubing at Villa Olivia in Bartlett, IL.  It's the home of Robb's winter job and the reason I don't see him for four months every year.

I went with my friends Amy and Kylie, and after a great breakfast in town, we made the trek to Villa.  We didn't get there as early as we'd have liked, but it wasn't too terribly packed yet.  Besides, this was worth waiting in line for:

After about two hours of that, we decided we wanted Robb to take us on the ski lift.  The girls hadn't been on one (ever?), so we rode down and then up. 

Up  Loading the chair, Robb sat in the middle on his side, leaving me NO room, and as the chair came around I was forced to scoot out of the way of the pole and sit on Kylie's lap.  We all screamed and laughed as they stopped the lift, and I got situated, thoroughly embarrassed.  Ugh.  You can't take some people anywhere!  Luckily, there is no video of THAT.

It was really a good time.  I certainly needed it.  And despite coming home queasy, napping, and then going to bed before ten o'clock, it was a great day! 



erin said...

LMAO! I would have looked at you funny too had I seen you going down the ski lift. You crack me up.

Argent said...

I thought I had commented here already but what with being senile and all, I guess I invented the memory. I found the fun quite infectious! See? I look at all your posts but my jelly-brain doesn't always remember to let you know.